Tuesday, February 19, 2013


This is Sara and Nathan, a boy from last year's preschool class.  She hasn't seen him since June of last year.  But she is in love.  If ever one needed proof that distance makes the heart grow fonder, she is proof enough! Sara cracks me up.  She lives in a world of boyfriends, kisses, wedding dresses and wedding cake.  In the first picture she is pictured in a Hello Kitty wedding dress.  In the second she is wearing a rainbow dress.  Apparently she hasn't locked in her style;-)  To the right is a table and the first picture you can see her wedding cake.  About you see fireworks, even heart shaped ones;-)  Sara loves Nathan because he has nice hair, hmmm.

I have no idea where she is picking all of this up from.  It must be Barbie movies.  She doesn't get to watch anything teenagerish on TV.

What I do know is that I am in heaps of trouble!  She is 5 going on 15!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Daddy Daughter Dance 2013 - Disco Divas

It is that time of the year again when the girls have been eagerly counting down the days until the can attend the Daddy Daughter Dance.  It is one of the things they look forward to the most all year long, ranking right up there with all the rest of the holidays and holding its own.  I love dressing them up.  They love getting their hair and make-up done and we all love that they get pampered by Dad for a night.  He is their hero.  They come home every year on cloud nine.  The stories from the night come flying at me 90 mph.  And all of the things they are super excited to share with me have everything to do with how awesome their Dad is.  And mostly about how much fun he is to dance with.  

Well, hmmmm...there as a lot of candy there.  There was heart candies and cupcakes, I was so excited.  It was my other Daddy daughter dance, I've only gone two!  There was a guy there dressed up with rainbow hair!  Dad and Emily both had poofy hair.  I got to have a humongous strawberry.  We had dinner together.  It was so, so , so cool.  Everybody was dancing.  Not even eating there food, just dancing! It was awesome.    Dad danced with me so that I went up on his shoulder  held his hair and then he flipped me back.  Dad looked so silly.  He was my prince because we did hold hands when we went in there and I was wearing a pretty dress.  My favorite part was when we danced!

So we got into our costumes.  I got to be first to put on my make up.  Mom said that I looked perfect for 70's disco! Then Mom took pictures of us until Dad got home.  We got to take pictures of Dad and us.  After that we went to Dupont to pick up Kaitlin.  When we walked in everyone wanted to take our pictures.  It felt kind of weird.  We got some food and ate.  Then we heard the chicken dance come on.  We got up and started to dance.  Me and Kaitlin danced together, we had fun twirling until it was my turn to dance with Dad.  Dad made up this cool dance move where he would fling us up on his shoulder and then flip us back onto the floor.  I think my Dad is a good dancer and really, really fun to dance with. My favorite part of the night was when my favorite song came on and Dad and I did some twirling dance moves.  I think that my Dad is the best Dad ever!

I really like this year's theme because it was fun.  We got to dress up in sparkly clothes and we got to use fun crazy colors of makeup.  My outfit made me feel excited it was perfect for dancing and I love the lose sleeves.  I wanted to wear a wig.  It was fun to have an Afro for a day!  Dancing with Dad is so fun.  He tried some new move this year.  He tried to do some of the moves that he does with Katie and Sara on me which didn't turn out so well.  We looked up some disco dance moves on the Internet.  I still remember some of them like the lawnmower and exits and mouse holes.  The Disco theme was pretty cool.  Every one's outfits were so crazy.  I think my Dad is so much fun to dance with.  It is really awesome that he sets aside a day just for us girls!

Disco All Night Long