Thursday, November 20, 2008

Climbing Steps

This last Saturday Dave, Kate, Sara and I were watching Happy Feet. I sat Sara down after she finished nursing expecting her to crawl around downstairs and entertain herself by taking "out" everything she could get her hands on. But after only a minute or two Chase and Emily call down from upstairs (where they are playing on the computer), "Mom, did you bring Sara upstairs?" I said, "No...she's downstairs with us." "No she's not she's right here..." And then it dawned on us all at once that she must have made it up the steps by herself. And in no time at all. I had just put her down.

Sure enough all of the downstairs people make their way upstairs to be greeted by Sara, happy and smiling at the top of the steps. And then our excitement only made her even more excited. Just to see for ourselves that our little pigeon really could climb the steps we carried her down for a second round. (this time with witnesses)

She was up the stairs in a jiffy and so happy to be such a center of attention and hoopla! So here is video of Sara's second climb of our steps. Sorry for the bad light. It was nighttime and there is only so much a single bulb can brighten.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Four Year Old Separation Anxiety

It isn't totally obvious like when you are trying to leave your 18 month old in the nursery. I think she is embarrassed a little and is trying to handle it quietly on her own. Which I appreciate, but it is still there.

She still freaks out if we are getting ready to go somewhere. There is no way I am allowed to get in the car before her. No chance. If she isn't ready yet she just grans her stuff and finishes in the car.

But two recent things have started happening.

When she is downstairs watching TV and I head upstairs, she asks me if I'm staying upstairs. If I say yes she walks up to the landing in the stairwell and makes herself comfortable. It's as close as she can be and still see her show. Such a silly goose.

The other development isn't new, but it made me so sad for her yesterday. Her little mind must be a wreck sometimes. She was playing in the bath and had been there for a long time (she was at least 95%water from all the absorption). I went to Emily's bus stop after telling her where I was going and that I would be right back. I came home to her hysterically trying to pull clothes onto her wet little body (not an easy task) as she was crying. It had taken me a minute. Seriously... Poor baby.

Anyway, who knows why, but apparently I'm not allowed to leave her site too much anymore.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Do You Watch Dancing With The Stars?

So...after last night episode I was left wondering. Do you think Julianne converted Cody to Mormonism? I wonder....

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Eleven Months and Growing Way Too Fast

Sara will be eleven months old this week. I can't believe she will be one next month (only just less believable that it will also be Christmas and I haven't done any shopping really)! I was sitting with some time on my hands at the computer this last week and composed a list of favorite and not so favorite things about Sara as she continues to grow despite my please and constant bribery.

My Favorite things about my 11 month old...
-she giggles almost every time I lay her in her crib and grabs her blankets up close to her chin
-she shakes her head at me when I tell her no (should that be on my favorites list???)
-she LOVES animals and is pretty gentle when petting them
-whenever she is happy she clicks her tongue
-she gives the very best kisses, her favorite spot is my jaw line and I have the "broken out" skin to prove it
-she talks to herself when she's playing
-baby dolls are her favorite toys
-every-once-in-a-while she cuddles know when she is tired
-her favorite show is "Jack's big music show" and she starts to dance when I turn it on
-she loves to go on wagon rides when I check the mail (yes, now that Christmas is around the bend I need a wagon to bring home all the magazines...they have my number)
-she has her own language for the dog and makes the funniest attempts at barking
-she loves books, her favorite is "Dear Zoo" and she roars whenever she gets to the lion
-speaking of her roar/growl it is adorable
-I am still infatuated with her soft chubby cheeks
-I love to push her in the swing because she giggles the whole time
-she pats my back when she wakes up in a good mood
-she cracks me up because she is so nervous and cautious with things especially food (she does this thing where she's about to touch something and then gets chicken and pulls her hand back and shakes her head)

Not so favorite things:
-her naps have already become shorter and less frequent
-she trows her food and feeds the dog most of the time she is supposed to be eating
-she bites now
-and she grinds her teeth (AHHH)
-she is really obstinate about the whole weening thing, finding a sippy cup she will drink out of has been a nightmare! I think I've bought a dozen or so
-she has tempers already and bites, pinches and hits
-she is miss destruction, the queen of anarchy everything that can be pulled off a shelf, removed from a cabinet or dumped from a bucket is game.
*trash cans (I keep them above the toilet now)
*all the socks come out of Dad's drawer
*all of my straws and aprons are always on the floor instead of in the cabinet
*she gives me a heart attack every time I catch her in the pantry (after the 100th heart attack catching her playing with the bottles of oil...can you imagine the clean-up?)
*the kids toys are now always all over the floor and now it's not their fault
*Zeke's dog toys are a favorite and I trip on them every day in the living room
*bath toys and lotion bottles from the bathroom cabinets
*books from the bookshelf

And even though she keeps me on my feet I still think she is the very best baby in the whole wide world!

Red Top Lookout

One of the best decisions ever...deciding to try and get out on a family outing every weekend that Dave isn't working. We have enjoyed our family trips sooooo much. For me it is so nice to get out of the house on Saturday. For the family as a whole it is fun to spend time together. We have seen so much more of Washington too. The weather was less than desirable this week. So we attempted a hike on the dry side of the mountain with our friends the Bakers. We have children that are all close in age and so we are a pretty good match.

We started with a small (but steep) hike up to a fire lookout. On a clear day we would have had fantastical views. And come Spring time we will totally have to go back. I imagine the wild flowers would be beautiful and the view crystal clear. So I can't wait...but yesterday we were pretty socked in by a wet fog. After being at the summit of our hike for a little while the fog parted right in the middle of the sky. By that I mean that there was a layer of fog hugging the mountains, valleys, hills etc...then a small ribbon of clear sky and then more fog and clouds. It was really cool. I love to watch fog creeping along the tree lines. It is amazing that it can come and go so quickly and it is so mysterious.

But later that evening after digging for agates on a different hike, finding a Geo cache to raid and playing in snow, the sun started to set. You would not believe the gorgeousness. I am a big believer that film can never catch the wonder and true beauty of a moment. It can come close but never really make it. So I am posting pictures just to prove that we were bathed in the most beautiful light I have ever seen. But be prepared to drool knowing you are hardly getting the half of it. It was amazing. I have never seen clouds with such breathtaking silver linings either. It was just such a fun day out.

And did I mention the moon?
P.S. Yes this was taken with my camera!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another Katie Quote

Kate was full of funny things to say yesterday. In the middle of the night I went in to check on her because I could hear her whimpering. (which usually means she needs to go potty) I went into her room and she was sound asleep, stressing out in her dream. I can get her to talk a lot of the time when she's like that so I asked her what was wrong. her reply, "I'm just working so hard!" I then asked her what she was working so hard on. She jerkingly pointed with her finger to her bottom. I said, "Kate do you need to go potty?" And with a sleeping shake of her head she said yes. Poor baby having to "work so hard" in her sleep.... Anyway it was a good laugh and well worth having to go to her rescue.

Does the Holy Ghost Speak To Toilets?

At the Mall yesterday we were using the restrooms and the toilets were automatic flushers. Kate said, after the toilet flushed when she stood up, "It must be the Holy Ghost."