Sunday, November 9, 2008

Eleven Months and Growing Way Too Fast

Sara will be eleven months old this week. I can't believe she will be one next month (only just less believable that it will also be Christmas and I haven't done any shopping really)! I was sitting with some time on my hands at the computer this last week and composed a list of favorite and not so favorite things about Sara as she continues to grow despite my please and constant bribery.

My Favorite things about my 11 month old...
-she giggles almost every time I lay her in her crib and grabs her blankets up close to her chin
-she shakes her head at me when I tell her no (should that be on my favorites list???)
-she LOVES animals and is pretty gentle when petting them
-whenever she is happy she clicks her tongue
-she gives the very best kisses, her favorite spot is my jaw line and I have the "broken out" skin to prove it
-she talks to herself when she's playing
-baby dolls are her favorite toys
-every-once-in-a-while she cuddles know when she is tired
-her favorite show is "Jack's big music show" and she starts to dance when I turn it on
-she loves to go on wagon rides when I check the mail (yes, now that Christmas is around the bend I need a wagon to bring home all the magazines...they have my number)
-she has her own language for the dog and makes the funniest attempts at barking
-she loves books, her favorite is "Dear Zoo" and she roars whenever she gets to the lion
-speaking of her roar/growl it is adorable
-I am still infatuated with her soft chubby cheeks
-I love to push her in the swing because she giggles the whole time
-she pats my back when she wakes up in a good mood
-she cracks me up because she is so nervous and cautious with things especially food (she does this thing where she's about to touch something and then gets chicken and pulls her hand back and shakes her head)

Not so favorite things:
-her naps have already become shorter and less frequent
-she trows her food and feeds the dog most of the time she is supposed to be eating
-she bites now
-and she grinds her teeth (AHHH)
-she is really obstinate about the whole weening thing, finding a sippy cup she will drink out of has been a nightmare! I think I've bought a dozen or so
-she has tempers already and bites, pinches and hits
-she is miss destruction, the queen of anarchy everything that can be pulled off a shelf, removed from a cabinet or dumped from a bucket is game.
*trash cans (I keep them above the toilet now)
*all the socks come out of Dad's drawer
*all of my straws and aprons are always on the floor instead of in the cabinet
*she gives me a heart attack every time I catch her in the pantry (after the 100th heart attack catching her playing with the bottles of oil...can you imagine the clean-up?)
*the kids toys are now always all over the floor and now it's not their fault
*Zeke's dog toys are a favorite and I trip on them every day in the living room
*bath toys and lotion bottles from the bathroom cabinets
*books from the bookshelf

And even though she keeps me on my feet I still think she is the very best baby in the whole wide world!


Sarah said...

She is adorable. I love her cute cheeks too. Such a happy, sweet girl. Great job on those lists.

Nicole said...

Oh bathroom trash can memories...

The Seaquist Family said...

My favorite is that you have to keep the trash cans above the toilet. We did the exact same thing with Ava. So much of that list brought back smiles. What a naught sweet beautiful sneak your surprise is. Don't you just love surprises?!!!! I miss you!

Jamie said...

I love that first picture of Sara, so so sweet, you really captured a feeling!

Anonymous said...

Wow Sara is so cute....
Those cheeks just cry out for kisses. You and Dave have some kind of crazy formula for totally cute kids.

Anonymous said...

too cute! she really is a great baby! i love it when they go to bed and snuggle up with their blankets. it's so endearing:)

Anonymous said...

Are you going to use the formula again? 7 grandbabies isn't enough!!
Tucson Grandpa

Daniel said...

She is CUTE!!! I can't believe how fast she and Claire have grown. Claire is now beginning to really understand language and is using it too. She is so different than Carter that I think I could write a treatise on the inherent differences between boys and girls based on my observations of the two of them.