Friday, May 3, 2013


Chase was asked yesterday in one of his school classes what he would do if he had a million dollars.  His reply was that he would buy a house and fill it with cats.  That made me laugh.  But we really are "cat" people.  A few months ago we adopted our third kitty, Sissy, from a family in our ward.  She isn't spayed and so we have been hoping for kittens.  She is finally pregnant.  We are so excited.  End of May, beginning of June we should have little baby kitties!


I went to Pennsylvania for a little photography workshop last week.  We never left the house and so it was hard to find good souvenirs for the kids.  Our hostess made us donuts one of the mornings we were staying with her.  I decided that would be the prize I brought home for the kids.  So far the new donut maker has been a huge hit!  We have made them three times this week.  I need to try finding some more recipes;-)  Olaia, Sara's best friend, was over the other day and we made some donuts.  YUMMY!

One Sport Done and Another Begins

Emily's volleyball season has come to an end.  She is looking forward to being able to attend mutual again, no more practices and being a free agent again.  I am looking forward to less chauffeuring  less monthly bills and free Saturdays!  She really did a lot of improving this year.  Now we need to decide if she should continue to pursue the sport or not.......
Chase's track season has begun.  He comes home utterly exhausted everyday.  The combination of early morning seminary and really working his body hard pays a toll.  Chase is running the 800 and mile events this year.  And finally gets to be on the Varsity team.  He isn't so excited about the short shorts, lol!  Last week Chase placed 2nd in the 800 right behind one of his own team mates.  This meet he took first.  It was the most amazing finish.  He lead the first lap and then was neck and neck with his team mate half of the second lap.  At the last turn his team mate started to pull ahead and lead Chase by two full strides.  As they came up on the final straight away Chase kicked into high gear and passed his friend, taking first place!  It was a super close finish!  I was so proud of him.  He has such an amazing amount of endurance.  I love cheering for my kids;-)


A few years ago Dave asked me what I thought about getting chickens.  I thought he had lost his mind.  Seriously!  Why would we want chickens.  I could only image they would be loud and dirty.  And I really wasn't into one more animal to take care of.  Last year I broke down.  Dave came home with 6 of the cutest little chicks I have ever seen as an Easter surprise for the kids.  A year later we are down to four (Daisy the rooster has a new home - no more crowing ALL DAY LONG, and Tweet died a tragic death at the claws of another animal).  Never in a million years did I think I would come to love these silly birds.  Seeing them in the yard makes me happy.  I love their egg songs that they sing every morning.  When I go outside I can call them and then will come jubilantly running for me.  I talk sweetly to my lady birds.  I buy them snacks at the grocery store and I love to take their pictures.  This is Red (Chase's bird), who unfortunately lost most of her back feathers due to an incident with the heat lamp in the chicken coup.  Everyone should have a chicken!