Friday, May 3, 2013


A few years ago Dave asked me what I thought about getting chickens.  I thought he had lost his mind.  Seriously!  Why would we want chickens.  I could only image they would be loud and dirty.  And I really wasn't into one more animal to take care of.  Last year I broke down.  Dave came home with 6 of the cutest little chicks I have ever seen as an Easter surprise for the kids.  A year later we are down to four (Daisy the rooster has a new home - no more crowing ALL DAY LONG, and Tweet died a tragic death at the claws of another animal).  Never in a million years did I think I would come to love these silly birds.  Seeing them in the yard makes me happy.  I love their egg songs that they sing every morning.  When I go outside I can call them and then will come jubilantly running for me.  I talk sweetly to my lady birds.  I buy them snacks at the grocery store and I love to take their pictures.  This is Red (Chase's bird), who unfortunately lost most of her back feathers due to an incident with the heat lamp in the chicken coup.  Everyone should have a chicken!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait! We'll get some to add to all of our others pets that we have. Grandma will love to have them roaming our yard.

Anonymous said...

That chicken is big.... Glad he brings you pleasure.

Nicole said...

Our neighbors chickens make me feel like I love on a farm. They are SO loud! No chickens for me :-)

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