Sunday, March 24, 2013


 Eric - Chase - Spencer
This weekend my friends and I went out paint balling with a groupon my Grandma sent me for Christmas.  We had no idea what we were doing when we got there, but we eventually figured it out and had a good time. The first game we did was everyone lined up on the wall and 4 guys took off their shirts and ran across the field and we shot them. The guys that ran were in a sorry state, but we had lots of fun shooting them. After we learned how to use the guns we did a team vs. team match where we won. Eric was wearing 5 layers so we used him as our tank and ran up to the other side behind him. We won both of our first games and I only got hit 2 times ( both were right in my butt). The third game we played was reincarnation so we couldn't get shot out. Halfway through the game we ran out of air pressure so our paint balls did not splat when they hit. Unfortunately we chose a team that mainly consisted of newbies to the sport so we got our butts kicked. We had a couple of red spots at the end of the day but overall we had a great time. 


My team and I had a great time. The volleyball-a-thon started at 6:30.
Then we had to go into the locker rooms and establish our
land by putting all of our stuff down there. As you can imagine that
was a little chaotic because there were 38 teams of 8 or 9 people there
and the locker rooms are pretty small.  Once we claimed our land 
(which was definitely not big enough for the 8 of us) we started to play volleyball
in 20 minute games and 20 minute breaks every once in a while everyone 
would get together and the teachers would hand out prizes for ridiculous 
things like "best team outfits" which we won by the way. We won cheap bunny ears
that fell off every 2 seconds.  That went on for awhile and then we did the Harlem shake
for forever and then played more volleyball.The rest is a blur of volleyball 
and tiredness.
 the team huddle
 the team victory dance
 the team picture
 sitting around doing nothing
 me serving
 the Harlem shake
 miserably tired
sleeping peacefully with music on in the movie room at around 5:30

A note from Mom:  Chaperoning a through the night activity so that your daughter can attend is most definitely TRUE love.  

My Commercial Artist and Tender Hearted Daughter

I love that my children have talents that they can share with others.  It makes me happy that they are learning that their talents and skills can bless the lives of others.  A few months ago a couple in out neighborhood lost their husky.  They had never had children and so their dog was a joy to them.  Misha, the husky, had been suffering from cancer.  All of my girls were always excited to see Misha on walks and have developed a close relationship with our neighbors.  When Misha passed away all of the girls were very sad.  We made them zucchini bread, cards and Kate drew a beautiful picture of her.  I think that Mary and Tom were very touched.  That was probably the first time that Kate realized that her art could bring others real happiness and joy.

About a month ago our friend Chris Pierce commissioned Kate to create an art piece to memorialize his family dog Stone.  Stone is the oldest golden retriever I have ever met.  Chris new that Stone's time left with their family was short.  He hired Kate, telling her he would buy any picture she created of Stone for $15.  Kate was excited but a little nervous about the responsibility.  She hadn't even started on her project yet when the Pierce family, our good friends lost Stone to old age and cancer.  Again the kids were very sad.  They all have such good hearts and are willing to mourn with others.  We spent a Family Home Evening all trying to draw pictures of Stone or write them cards.  Kate created a pencil sketch and this acrylic.

Last week we visited the Pierce family and Kate present her work to them.  She makes me so proud.  I think she has a wonderful gift not only as an artist but to love others.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Multnomah Falls

Super Heroes At The OMSI

One of the places we wanted to visit in Portland was the OMSI.  We have heard many good things about the Portland science museum.  We happen to be there during the Myth Buster exhibit.  It was lots of fun.  I got to try pulling a table cloth out from under a bunch of dishes.  I have always wanted to do that;-)

Kate got to try out a career of being a super hero.  She had to change into all of her "Superhero" gear in less than 60 seconds.  She did it in about 45.

Kate's Super Hero Resume:

- I would expert drawing skills and could make things she draws come to life
- I would be able to fly
- All animals will like me and understand me
-I would be Emily's bodyguard

Just call her LADY AWESOME!

Portland - At Last

We have lived in Washington for 8 years.  And driven through Portland who knows how many times.  But in all that time never visited.  It is embarrassing   We have avoided a large city only a short 2 hours away from us.  That just isn't in our exploratory nature!

Dave had a long weekend and the kids were off school so we decided it was time.  Every time we go on vacation though I am always reminded that all my kids need is a short stay in a hotel, so they can jump on bed, swim and have a great big yummy breakfast.  It's that simple.

Sleepover Parties

One of the things that the girls do that makes me love them, and makes me so happy I have daughters that love each other, is that they have little "sleepovers" on most weekends.  Emily invites her two little sisters into her tiny room (wish I could get better pictures, but her little closet room is hard to photograph).  Kate and Sara haul in most of their bedding and make little pads for themselves on her floor.  Emily usually reads to her sisters.  They stay up late into the night talking to each other about "everything in life", as Kate puts it.  They discuss their dreams and just spend the evening enjoying each other's company.  One time they even wrote poems.  I love that they do this.

Usually the way it goes, we tuck them in and then in the evening when Dave and I are preparing for bed we go to make sure everything is well and re-tuck everybody in, and we find the girls all piled in together.  It is something that is all their own.  They started it, they make the plans and they make it perfect.  When I go up stairs late in the evening and find them all peacefully sleeping together it just makes my heart swell;-)

They are so wonderful to each other (most of the time).  I hope that Kate and Sara realize someday how super lucky they are to have such a wonderful big sister.  Emily is just the best.  She takes good care of her sisters and makes me very proud.  She has such a really big heart.  I think that her capacity to care and love others is most definitely a gift she received from her Heavenly Father before coming to join our family.  She is an example to me.  And like I said, most of the time, her tenderness is a blessing that brings a lot of happiness to our home.

I LOVE that my girls are so close to each other!!!