Sunday, March 24, 2013


My team and I had a great time. The volleyball-a-thon started at 6:30.
Then we had to go into the locker rooms and establish our
land by putting all of our stuff down there. As you can imagine that
was a little chaotic because there were 38 teams of 8 or 9 people there
and the locker rooms are pretty small.  Once we claimed our land 
(which was definitely not big enough for the 8 of us) we started to play volleyball
in 20 minute games and 20 minute breaks every once in a while everyone 
would get together and the teachers would hand out prizes for ridiculous 
things like "best team outfits" which we won by the way. We won cheap bunny ears
that fell off every 2 seconds.  That went on for awhile and then we did the Harlem shake
for forever and then played more volleyball.The rest is a blur of volleyball 
and tiredness.
 the team huddle
 the team victory dance
 the team picture
 sitting around doing nothing
 me serving
 the Harlem shake
 miserably tired
sleeping peacefully with music on in the movie room at around 5:30

A note from Mom:  Chaperoning a through the night activity so that your daughter can attend is most definitely TRUE love.  


Anonymous said...


I just wish I had a small part of your energy. I am happy you had fun, and what a good mom to support you.

Love Grandma D.

Anonymous said...

Your hand postioning while serving is perfect! It was on just one of those marathon Volleyball tournaments where tore a muscle in my leg. Looks like you had a bunch of fun.