Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sleepover Parties

One of the things that the girls do that makes me love them, and makes me so happy I have daughters that love each other, is that they have little "sleepovers" on most weekends.  Emily invites her two little sisters into her tiny room (wish I could get better pictures, but her little closet room is hard to photograph).  Kate and Sara haul in most of their bedding and make little pads for themselves on her floor.  Emily usually reads to her sisters.  They stay up late into the night talking to each other about "everything in life", as Kate puts it.  They discuss their dreams and just spend the evening enjoying each other's company.  One time they even wrote poems.  I love that they do this.

Usually the way it goes, we tuck them in and then in the evening when Dave and I are preparing for bed we go to make sure everything is well and re-tuck everybody in, and we find the girls all piled in together.  It is something that is all their own.  They started it, they make the plans and they make it perfect.  When I go up stairs late in the evening and find them all peacefully sleeping together it just makes my heart swell;-)

They are so wonderful to each other (most of the time).  I hope that Kate and Sara realize someday how super lucky they are to have such a wonderful big sister.  Emily is just the best.  She takes good care of her sisters and makes me very proud.  She has such a really big heart.  I think that her capacity to care and love others is most definitely a gift she received from her Heavenly Father before coming to join our family.  She is an example to me.  And like I said, most of the time, her tenderness is a blessing that brings a lot of happiness to our home.

I LOVE that my girls are so close to each other!!!

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That is just precious!!!!!