Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Commercial Artist and Tender Hearted Daughter

I love that my children have talents that they can share with others.  It makes me happy that they are learning that their talents and skills can bless the lives of others.  A few months ago a couple in out neighborhood lost their husky.  They had never had children and so their dog was a joy to them.  Misha, the husky, had been suffering from cancer.  All of my girls were always excited to see Misha on walks and have developed a close relationship with our neighbors.  When Misha passed away all of the girls were very sad.  We made them zucchini bread, cards and Kate drew a beautiful picture of her.  I think that Mary and Tom were very touched.  That was probably the first time that Kate realized that her art could bring others real happiness and joy.

About a month ago our friend Chris Pierce commissioned Kate to create an art piece to memorialize his family dog Stone.  Stone is the oldest golden retriever I have ever met.  Chris new that Stone's time left with their family was short.  He hired Kate, telling her he would buy any picture she created of Stone for $15.  Kate was excited but a little nervous about the responsibility.  She hadn't even started on her project yet when the Pierce family, our good friends lost Stone to old age and cancer.  Again the kids were very sad.  They all have such good hearts and are willing to mourn with others.  We spent a Family Home Evening all trying to draw pictures of Stone or write them cards.  Kate created a pencil sketch and this acrylic.

Last week we visited the Pierce family and Kate present her work to them.  She makes me so proud.  I think she has a wonderful gift not only as an artist but to love others.


Anonymous said...


You simply take my breath away!! To be so talented, but more important to be so sweet, I am so proud of you.
Grandma D

Anonymous said...

You are an incredible artist! Be ready to make some money this summer! I want to buy some of your work (before it gets too expensive)!