Monday, January 28, 2008

Dad's weight loss program

My Dad has been in the hospital for a week now and probably has another week to go. He picked up an Amoeba (entamoeba histologica) while traveling the world. The docs are pretty sure he got it while visiting Africa a few years ago. He has lost close to thirty pounds! Unbelievable! The crazy amoeba is so rare they had to fly in the medicine to treat it from Europe. It has really done some havoc on my poor Dad's body. When I talked to him last week he sounded so frail and sick. It was so had to hear him sound that way because of course the first thing you start to think is if it will be too much for him to bear. Then the "what ifs" set in. What if he passes away...

It was so so so good to call him on Saturday and hear him sound stronger. It has been hard to be up here while the rest of the family take care of him. We all put together a care package for him and overnighted it on Thursday. We sent DVDs, music, a book on tape, pictures, letters and some electronic games. All in an attempt to boost his spirits and help with the boredom. I can't tell you how good it felt to hear that he liked the prizes. It made me feel useful in some small way.

I'll tell you one thing. Having someone you love get really sick and thinking all those "what ifs" sure does make you realize how much you love them. We named Chase after his Grandpa DeWitt. His middle name is Robert, my Dad's first name. When we named him we did it to carry on a family name in some way. (there were no DeWitt boys to carry on the family name) I'm so glad we can say to Chase,

"You are named after your Grandpa because he is such a great man. He has always been patient and kind. He is such a good example and we want you to be like him."

I really, really love my Dad. I'm so glad he is getting better...even if it is happening slowly.

New Shiny Smiles!

We all piled in the car for the long drive to the dental office this weekend. It has been almost two years since any of us have been to the dentist. We have been too far away for Grandpa Wilcox to see our teeth and up until now Dave wasn't able to because the military wouldn't allow him to see civilians, even family. Now that Dad is working at a nice private practice, Graham Family Dental, we are able to have our teeth taken care of. YEAH!!!!

All the kids got cleaning and Chase and Emily had sealants done. The kids now have pearly whites again. With the new hair cuts and clean teeth we are ready for a photo shot I think!

Kate did awesome. I thought for sure she would freak out having her teeth polished. But Dad was great and she sat through the whole cleaning no problems. She is so cute. Here she is giving Dad a high five for a job well done. I think we'll stick with our new dentist :-)

Katie has always been interested in mouths. Since she was a baby I've said if any of children choose to be a dentist it would be her! She found this magnifying glass on the desk and had a fantastic time checking our Emily as Dad did her polishing.

Here she is Checking on Dads work. Can we hire her to evaluate Dave during boards?
Thanks dad for are clean slippery teeth!

Testimony of a Prophet

President Gordan B. Hinckley passed away yesterday evening. He had been the Prophet since March 1995. That was almost thirteen years of leading the church. He was my Prophet. Since I graduated from high school he has been the Man. I can honestly say I loved him. He wasn't just a Man of God that told me how to live my life. He was gentle and kind, loving and ambitious. I can remember how excited I was when he announced the plans to build several small Temples all over the world. He even gave me one in my backyard (the Redlands California Temple). I will miss him during conference. He was so real...what a personality!

To the Prophet I owe my testimony of the Book of Mormon. It was because of his goal for ever member to read or reread the Book of Mormon a few years ago that I finally gained a solid testimony of its truthfulness. What a wonderful experience it was to read the whole book with my family. My kids loved it and will hopefully remember what a wonderful experience it was to follow the Prophet!

What a relief it is to not worry about the future of the church as early saints did after the martyrdom of Joseph Smith! I am so thankful that the Lord has put in place a plan so that we will never be without a Prophet again. I can't wait for our next General Conference when we will hear the words of Thomas S. Monson our soon to be new Prophet.

What a wonderful 13 years it has been!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Scouting Again!

Dave is the new Cub master for our wards cub scout pack! He had his first Pack meeting this month and I think he did a fantastic job. When he was called to be the job I thought, "this is the perfect calling for Dave!" I knew that the boys would love him. I think Chase and his friends are so lucky to have an experienced scout to lead them. He has a few busy months ahead of him. The blue and Gold Anniversary dinner is in February and them March is the Pinewood Derby and Fundraiser. He is going to be perfect though! I just know it!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Where does the time fly to?

I'm sure you've heard the joke:
Q: Why did the boy throw his watch out the window?
A: because he wanted to see time fly.

The poor kid could have kept his watch. All he needs to do is visit my house!

I feel like I've lost my mind this week. It seems like there is so much to do and no time to do it all. Even late nights don't catch me up. If you know how uptight I am about being on time for things, meeting deadlines and not procrastinating (my Mom is going to have a heart attack when she reads that...but I'm not the same girl I once was) than you can probably imagine how this week has me all wound up! This week I have had two days of preschool to prepare for and teach in my home, a cub scout pack meeting to help Dave get ready for, an eBay scam ring to crack, a doctors appointment, a sick Dad to worry about and get a care package off to, school to volunteer at, bills to pay ... and all the other regular Mom duties. It doesn't seem like much now that I'm writing it all down. But, I am totally overwhelmed mentally. I am so distracted that I kept walking by my laundry room and smelling foul air. I thought to myself that the dog was really in need of a bath. (we put him there when we leave or have company) The smell kept getting worse and worse. It wasn't until today that it dawned on me to check the washer. Sure enough I had started a load and forgotten it. YUCK! The worst part is that even now that I've discovered the load I still can't remember when I started it. I'm losing it! Maybe it's the new baby. I feel like I'm just dragging my kids everywhere and we haven't had any good stay at home time. Fortunately they have been spared some of the errands by friends who have invited them over to play. But poor baby Sara. She knows every nook and cranny of her car seat by now.

I need a nice relaxing day with nothing eating at my mind!

-Desperately Drained in DuPont

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kiss the bad hair days goodbye!

We have had way too many bad hair days recently around here! A few weeks ago Dave came home with a new hair cut. I thought it looked the beginnings of a mullet. It was horrible. I wish I had a picture! I was anxiously awaiting the day he would go in for his next hair cut to fix it up. It was repulsive...lucky for him I just had a baby and it doesn't really matter whether or not he is totally handsome. (do you catch my drift?)

On top of that we have the daily battle with Chase about his hair. We love it longer and wavy, but it only looks good when he does it. Which is NEVER! So instead of great hair everyday he has champion bed head everywhere he goes. A few weeks ago the parents of Chase's friend asked Dave if he would be interested in taking the boys in together to get hair cuts. Our reply...we had just cut Chase's hair that very weekend. It's that bad folks. So, last weekend I took him in to chop off the locks. You would have thought he was Samson. He was near tears and very grumpy about the whole thing. He looks so good with longer hair. But for now, while he's young and doesn't care about how he looks, short is the way to go I think.

Emily came home today with knots so huge they made her hair look like it was tied up in a bun in the back. No matter how I send her to school, she comes home looking like she has had a near death experience. She walked in the door today and I said, "Emily, what in the world happened to your hair? What did you do?" I threw up my hands and we all marched back out, got in the car and headed to Great Clips. I told the girl working that I wanted it short enough that it would never tangle again. No kidding it took her a whole hour to comb out the tangles. I even paid extra for the shampoo to help with the rats nest. The new do is awesome. I really love it and I think that even though Emily is putting up a want my long hair back front she really loves it to. At least she will after tomorrow morning when it doesn't take us forEVER to do her hair!

I have been totally procrastinating cutting Kate's hair. This last summer I took her in and trimmed off maybe not even an inch. So today was her first hair cut really. I was just so reluctant to lose the darling curls. They are so beautiful. However, all that baby hair was starting to get really damaged. They took maybe four inches off. She was so excited, but I watched sadly as each little curl feel to the floor. She's not my baby anymore and the haircut sealed the deal.

So here's to a more carefree life here at the Wilcox home. At least where hair is concerned. Now if I only knew what to do about mine. A little girl that I taught today at friend school in my home asked me if my hair was always in knots and if I ever brushed it. I won't mention names. But apparently the kids aren't the only ones with hair issues.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Have Night Light...Will Read

Since May of last year Chase has become a "Born Again" reader. He started to enjoy reading the summer before 2nd grade. He read books from the Horrible Harry series, Magic Tree house series a few Captain Underpants books and a some Choose Your Own Adventure books. He has read a book here and there since that summer breakthrough, but nothing like now. In May his best friend Ryan Johnson convinced him to start reading the Harry Potter books. It was a slow start for Chase. They are after all such big about intimidation.

Chase finished book seven a little over a month ago. He loved the books. (Now he spends his time reading the Peter and the Start Catcher series) He cracks me up. He has looked up all of the Harry Potter spells on the Internet and loves to cast them on his sisters. We have had to outlaw some of the more serious spells. He was Harry Potter for Halloween even (along with every other boy at school!). A few weeks ago he carved his own wand out of a monstrous stick he collected on one of our walks. He is a total junky.

Best of all though the Harry Potter series opened Chase's mind up to the miraculous world of literature. He is a reading machine. When I go to tuck him in one last time before I go to bed at 11:00 or later he is still reading. We find him tangled in a mass of sheets with his nose still in the book. His teacher tells me he is tiered at school, I wonder why. We can't slow him down. This last Friday Chase came home with the student of the month award. In our school district they award students for exhibiting the Attribute of the month. This month was Perseverance. Mrs. Palacios, Chase's teacher, told Chase that he has definitely shown perseverance for getting through all those big books he likes to read.

Thank you J.K. Rowling for igniting a fuse that will hopefully never burn out in my little boy.

Read on Chase!!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy 34

Happy Birthay Dave! One year older and wiser too! Not to mention cuter:-)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Good News


Washington Sunset

Really I just wanted to post this gorgeous picture of our sunset last night for those that didn't get to see it. Sorry the picture didn't capture the beauty of it even half as good as I had hoped. It was spectacular!

Totally addicted

I like to tease my kids about what they are grown on. Meaning, whatever I craved when I was pregnant with them. They love it. Out of the blue they will come up and ask me what they were grown on and they love to tell each other. Chase was grown on salsa. I had never had it before I became pregnant with him. Go figure, I was living in Tucson Arizona and hadn't had salsa. My parents and us kids just weren't big on Mexican food back then. I think we have all repented of our ignorant ways now. BRING IT ON!!!! Emily was smoothies. I couldn't get enough fruit in a blender. Dave used to take me to a smoothie shop right outside the University at least once a week. We had some really good concoctions at home too. Katie was Pineapple. I was never really big into it before her. I ate it until my mouth got raw. My friend had a little shower for me and served pina coladas, YUM. Everyone knew to pass me the pineapple! I think the kids think these things still run in their veins. And in Sara's case it might:-)

For the last trimester of my pregnancy with Sara I craved peanut M+Ms like a mad woman. A total change for me. I've always loved the plain ones. I bought a bag full, preferably king size, every time I went out on errands. Sometimes I bought a bag at each store. My trash can in my car is still full of empty peanut M+M bags. I cleared poor Chevron down the hill out of their supply every week. Just thinking about them now makes my mouth water!

The only trouble is, is that I'm still craving them. That's not supposed to happen, Right? I bought two large bags the other day and ate them both except for the very few Dave was able to procure before I had gobbled them all up. I even hide them from the kids because I don't want to share. It's totally criminal!

Anyway so Sara is still enjoying an M+M milkshake almost everyday. If she starts looking round and develops brightly covered skin...please call the authorities...I might try to eat her up! I feel like the boy who drowns in the chocolate river from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

HELP!!!!! No not really...just keep them coming!

While we're on the subject you can take the poll on the left hand side of the blog and resolve a dispute between Dave and I. I should know I think think since I'm the connoisseur, but we'll see.

Sara's love language

Acts of service : Feeding her at all hours of the day even sometimes late at night or early in the morning. And changing her diapers all day long. Don't you think that qualifies as acts of service?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Words of Kindness : Talking to her in a sweet mommy voice even though she can't talk back. Never yelling at her when I'm exhausted and really tired of burping her.

Physical Touch : I think holding her for most of the day should count!

Gifts : I went shopping days after having her for new dresses. I don't think she's really into gifts but at least I'm covering my bases.

Quality Time : Since I spend every waking moment with her and many of her sleeping moments with her I'm definitely good here.

So what ever her love language is...I think we are filling her tank :-)

Sara Smiles

Since Sara is only one month old I haven't really gotten to know her all that well. What I do know is that she is the second best surprise I have ever had. The first was when her Dad asked me to marry him. (I thought he was breaking up with me) It is so very nice to have a baby in our home again. They bring something special. I love seeing Chase hold her, Emily anxious to help in anyway and Kate talk to her constantly. I can't wait for each new baby stage as they come. Cooing, smiling, laughing, crawling, walking...the works!

So, what do I love about Sara? Three things especially. First I love her warm little body when she is all balled up on my belly. It's just like she never left. I have to admit though that it is much funner to hold her on the outside than it was on the inside. I love to rub her back and little bottom as she takes her little snoozes.

Second, I love her smiles. She gave her first smiles this last weekend to Katie and then a few here and there. Most of her encore performances have been for Kate's eyes only. On Sunday I saw my first Sara smile and then this morning she was giving them away in abundance. They are so sweet. Her smiles even make her eyes light up. It is her way of telling us how much she loves us.

Third and my most favorite is her soft skin and hair. I just love to nuzzle my chin against her furry little noggin and stroke her chubby soft cheeks. I do it so much that my chin has started to break out from the oils on her hair. It is my favorite way to give her loves and she doesn't complain!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wilcox Babies

Baby Sara 2007

Baby Kate 2004

Baby Emily 2000

Baby Chase 1998

Many of you have been asking which of my children Sara looks like the most. I am always quick to answer that I think she looks a lot like Kate. I can still picture Katie as a baby (probably because I took a bazillion pictures of her) so it is easier to see comparisons. Chase and Emily were babies so long ago it is hard to remember. A huge and very depressing lack of pictures doesn't help either. I broke out the photo albums today to take a peek. I literally only have a handful of pictures. I thought it would be interesting to post pictures of all four so everyone could do there own comparing. So, who do you think Sara looks like the most? I am surprised myself at how similar to each other they all are :-)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Follow the Prophet

Katie had her first day of Sunbeams yesterday. She woke up so excited. She has been counting down the Sundays for a month now. On Saturday night we sang her "Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam" as we tucked her in bed. The smile on her face was so big! As we got ready for church she kept asking questions about what was going to happen:

-"Will my friends be there?"
-"Will there be toys?"
-"Will you be there?"
-"What about snack?"

After picking her up from her class she was so excited to tell us about her class and her new teacher Sister "Beaver" also called Sister "Fever" a few hours later. Eventually I hope she will learn to call her Sister Dever...Hopefully Sister Dever has a really good since of humor :-)

Sister Pace the Primary Chorister must have made quite an impact as well. Kate has been singing all day long. Especially a Primary favorite, "Follow The Prophet." Except Katie has rewritten it and it now goes:

Follow the Prophet
Follow the Prophet
Follow the Prophet
Don't take a LEFT!

Katie we are all so excited for you!!!!!!!

Words of Kindness

Have you ever heard of the concept of the Five Love Languages? A really good friend lent me her book a few years ago. It made so much since to me. I think discovering the ways members of my family like to be loved has really made a difference in our home. So since we are focusing on Emily today I thought you all might like to know Emma's "love language".

Emily is without a doubt a words of kindness / affirmation kind of gal. One of the ways you can know what way your children need to be loved is buy looking at how they themselves express love to others. A few times a week I find little love notes or pictures on my bed or nightstand. Once I woke up from a nap to find post-it notes on everyones doors and headboards with the person's name on them with several nice things about that person written on the note. When Sara came home from the hospital there was a welcome note in her bassinet. She is always free with her "I love you"s and compliments.

Emily has a note from her Grandma DeWitt that was written months and months ago along with other mementos all tucked away in her nightstand draw. I have seen her read and reread those notes. They really mean the world to her.

One of my goals this year is to be better at giving Emily praise. I need to speak more positively to her. She needs to her me say nice things, thanks, and just plain "I Love You" more often. For those of you that know me well this will be very difficult. It is the hardest way for me to show my own affection. I'm just not programmed to say nice things. So goal number one for this year is to let Emily know how wonderful she is more often.

A Forever Friend

I thought this week it would be fun to share what I loved the most about each member of my family. For some reason I feel like starting with Emily. I think that if you looked up "friend" on wikipedia it would include Emily in the definition. She is definitely made up of best friend material. Emily gets along with everyone she meets. I remember going to the beach once and before I even had all of our stuff set up I turned around and there was Emily playing in the sand with a little girl we had never met before. That wasn't unusual, it happens everywhere we go. She is uninhibited when it comes to meeting people. I never worry about her making friends in a new class at school or church. She is just so sweet and outgoing, a perfect combination.

Once a friend of Emily's always a friend of Emily's. She doesn't know how to hold a grudge. If you hurt her tender feelings you are automatically forgiven. If you live on the other side of the country you are still her best friend. She is a faithful letter writer. And always interested in visiting old friends if we are in the area. Everyone is a "best friend". I can imagine that by the time Emily finishes college she will have a "best friend" in every state. Someone she will always want to visit no matter where she is.

Emily is the kind of friend that would drop everything to help you. I have no doubt that as she grows older and her friendships even more meaningful and lasting that those that she befriends will always be thankful for their association with her. Emily will willingly share everything she has with you. She will be your pillar of strength, a beacon of light and with a heart full of love you will always have someone to turn to that will do nothing but love you unconditionally.

Emily, you are just the kind of girl I always wished I would have. Full of life and imagination. I love that you believe in faries, that you love to sing and dance and that you have such a beautiful laugh and smile. You are truly a joy.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mom, Why Is There a Crab In Our House?

Every Mom needs to hear these words to wake her up out of her evening sleepiness. The kids were getting ready for bed tonight and Chase calls out from the bathroom where he is brushing his teeth, "Mom, why is there a crab in our house?" My response was a cool and casual, "What?" Then comes Chase, "A live crab Mom." OK, Holy Cow, time to freak out. Either he is an amateur prankster with true talent or I have to deal with a live crab. Why do all the weird and wild things happen on nights Dave is at work? So I walk into the bathroom really hoping for the Chase is a prankster scenario. But low and behold there on our bathroom floor is a crab. Thanks Dave for taking the kids down to the sound and collecting seashells and then leaving me to deal with the CRAB!

Have Baby...Will Blog

So blogging has definitely gotten to be way more complicated since Sara arrived. I have found that several things have started to make it more difficult.

A: I am too tired to post anything by the end of the day after taking care of the baby and the three kids who are home on their break from school. (January 8th should be a national holiday! How about "Sanity for Mom Day" or "Mommy relief Day")

B: I am still folding and putting away laundry at the wee hours of the night when I would otherwise be enjoying time on the computer. (Sara, my spit-up princess goes through countless of clothes, burp rags and blankets a day)

C: I am busy repeatedly tucking Katie in bed because she suddenly has developed a need for extra attention. (I wonder why?)

D: It is too hard to type while holding a baby.

I am definitely getting better at either typing with one hand or finding a way to hold Sara so that I can type. So to all my blogging buddies out are all absolutely worth the trouble! Enjoy the pic!

Three Girls!

Somedays I still can't believe that I have three girls. What will I do when they are all dating teenagers? I hope that they will all be great best buddies. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they all stood up for each other and looked after one another? One day they will all be grown and have families of their own. I hope that they are best friends and can look to each other to share their good days and their bad ones. I just can't believe that I have three beautiful, sweet daughters.

I was taking this picture and remembered a picture my Mom had taken of me and my sisters. Funny thing is that Emily and I are three months off from being the same age in these pictures.

Somebody Special

Katie and her Grandpa Wilcox have always had something special going on between them. Here they are in a Christmas morning smooch that I just missed. (I was trying to catch the moment and didn't have time to steady the camera...too bad it's blurry) while we were living with Grandma and Grandpa while Dave was in Egypt, Kate and Grandpa really developed a special bond. He had all sorts of nicknames for her. First it was Rosie, then Kitty, pumpkin and little bit. I've always wished that one of them would have stuck. We always knew Grandpa was home from the rush of little feet heard running towards the door to greet him. I think Kate had 6:00 programed into her little biological clock. I used to tease Grandpa that it was like having a dog. Often in the morning when I woke up I would come up front to see Katie snuggled into Grandpa's lap on the big chair as he read his scriptures. (if she wasn't there she was most likely making pancakes with Grandma) They just love each other and it makes me so happy. Their special relationship reminds me of my bond with my Gr. Grandpa, PaPa. Though I knew him for only a short while (he passed away when I was 5) I really loved him! I remember walking to the park with him to feed the ducks. That is my only memory that has lasted the test of time. What has lasted though is the feeling of how much I loved him. I remember finding out that he had pasted away and running to my bed devastated. It is silly, but for years after saying my bedtime prayers I would end it something like this..."Dear Heavenly Father can I talk to PaPa now?" And then I would share a one sided conversation with my Pop. I guess I thought prayer really was like a telephone call. Hopefully Heaven;y Fathered shared with My Papa how much I loved him and missed him. I am so glad that my children are getting to know their loved ones better than I knew mine. Precious friendships like Kate and Grandpa Wilcox's are truly priceless.