Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wilcox Babies

Baby Sara 2007

Baby Kate 2004

Baby Emily 2000

Baby Chase 1998

Many of you have been asking which of my children Sara looks like the most. I am always quick to answer that I think she looks a lot like Kate. I can still picture Katie as a baby (probably because I took a bazillion pictures of her) so it is easier to see comparisons. Chase and Emily were babies so long ago it is hard to remember. A huge and very depressing lack of pictures doesn't help either. I broke out the photo albums today to take a peek. I literally only have a handful of pictures. I thought it would be interesting to post pictures of all four so everyone could do there own comparing. So, who do you think Sara looks like the most? I am surprised myself at how similar to each other they all are :-)


The Seaquist Family said...

I don't know who I would say Sara looks like but I must comment of the beauty of your pictures. Truly great pictures Jen. They are gorgeous!

Cathy said...

I think she looks just like Katie but all your kids have common traits! The one that stood out to me are the darling chubby cheeks! I love that on babies.
Funny, I was going to do this on my blog, too. I dove into Emma's baby album yesterday for comparison photos!

Jamie C. said...

Baby Sara and baby Kate sure do look alike! I remember when you lived here before when Kate was 12-18 months about and thinking she was the cutest, most precious, curly hair girl ever! All your kids are so cute!

Lisa said...

Yep, I agree. She looks like baby Kate. Maybe it's that they are both sleeping. Great birth announcement, Jen. Thanks!

Danny said...

Great post! We need to do the same for Carter and Claire, they look eerily similar in photos at the same age. Carter, by the way, is acting really crazy (bad) lately. Any ideas to control a 3 year old terror? He's a good boy and, as you know, Sarah is a great mom. Anyway, I link to your blog now from ours and I see you've done the same. Thanks! (:

Kathryn said...

They all look so alike! How fun for you to have a new baby - I'm almost jealous!