Monday, January 7, 2008

Words of Kindness

Have you ever heard of the concept of the Five Love Languages? A really good friend lent me her book a few years ago. It made so much since to me. I think discovering the ways members of my family like to be loved has really made a difference in our home. So since we are focusing on Emily today I thought you all might like to know Emma's "love language".

Emily is without a doubt a words of kindness / affirmation kind of gal. One of the ways you can know what way your children need to be loved is buy looking at how they themselves express love to others. A few times a week I find little love notes or pictures on my bed or nightstand. Once I woke up from a nap to find post-it notes on everyones doors and headboards with the person's name on them with several nice things about that person written on the note. When Sara came home from the hospital there was a welcome note in her bassinet. She is always free with her "I love you"s and compliments.

Emily has a note from her Grandma DeWitt that was written months and months ago along with other mementos all tucked away in her nightstand draw. I have seen her read and reread those notes. They really mean the world to her.

One of my goals this year is to be better at giving Emily praise. I need to speak more positively to her. She needs to her me say nice things, thanks, and just plain "I Love You" more often. For those of you that know me well this will be very difficult. It is the hardest way for me to show my own affection. I'm just not programmed to say nice things. So goal number one for this year is to let Emily know how wonderful she is more often.


Lisa said...

I am words of affirmation too! What is your love language Jen? All my kids love getting praise... (all kids do) but especially Katie! Of course she is my note writer too!

Anonymous said...

Is a very special girl to me and I can not even explain how much I love her.
Grandma De Witt