Monday, January 28, 2008

Testimony of a Prophet

President Gordan B. Hinckley passed away yesterday evening. He had been the Prophet since March 1995. That was almost thirteen years of leading the church. He was my Prophet. Since I graduated from high school he has been the Man. I can honestly say I loved him. He wasn't just a Man of God that told me how to live my life. He was gentle and kind, loving and ambitious. I can remember how excited I was when he announced the plans to build several small Temples all over the world. He even gave me one in my backyard (the Redlands California Temple). I will miss him during conference. He was so real...what a personality!

To the Prophet I owe my testimony of the Book of Mormon. It was because of his goal for ever member to read or reread the Book of Mormon a few years ago that I finally gained a solid testimony of its truthfulness. What a wonderful experience it was to read the whole book with my family. My kids loved it and will hopefully remember what a wonderful experience it was to follow the Prophet!

What a relief it is to not worry about the future of the church as early saints did after the martyrdom of Joseph Smith! I am so thankful that the Lord has put in place a plan so that we will never be without a Prophet again. I can't wait for our next General Conference when we will hear the words of Thomas S. Monson our soon to be new Prophet.

What a wonderful 13 years it has been!

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Blaire said...

I think you're right. President Hinckley was/is so full of personality. I suppose God needed him else where. He will be missed.

Thanks for an awesome post.