Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Somebody Special

Katie and her Grandpa Wilcox have always had something special going on between them. Here they are in a Christmas morning smooch that I just missed. (I was trying to catch the moment and didn't have time to steady the camera...too bad it's blurry) while we were living with Grandma and Grandpa while Dave was in Egypt, Kate and Grandpa really developed a special bond. He had all sorts of nicknames for her. First it was Rosie, then Kitty, pumpkin and little bit. I've always wished that one of them would have stuck. We always knew Grandpa was home from the rush of little feet heard running towards the door to greet him. I think Kate had 6:00 programed into her little biological clock. I used to tease Grandpa that it was like having a dog. Often in the morning when I woke up I would come up front to see Katie snuggled into Grandpa's lap on the big chair as he read his scriptures. (if she wasn't there she was most likely making pancakes with Grandma) They just love each other and it makes me so happy. Their special relationship reminds me of my bond with my Gr. Grandpa, PaPa. Though I knew him for only a short while (he passed away when I was 5) I really loved him! I remember walking to the park with him to feed the ducks. That is my only memory that has lasted the test of time. What has lasted though is the feeling of how much I loved him. I remember finding out that he had pasted away and running to my bed devastated. It is silly, but for years after saying my bedtime prayers I would end it something like this..."Dear Heavenly Father can I talk to PaPa now?" And then I would share a one sided conversation with my Pop. I guess I thought prayer really was like a telephone call. Hopefully Heaven;y Fathered shared with My Papa how much I loved him and missed him. I am so glad that my children are getting to know their loved ones better than I knew mine. Precious friendships like Kate and Grandpa Wilcox's are truly priceless.


Fisher Family said...

Jennifer, I loved your post and your PS to PaPa in your prayers... I think I need a tissue. So tender.

The Seaquist Family said...

That is the sweetest story, especially the part about you and your prayers. You and Kate seem to be VERY similar.

Jennifer said...

Let's hope not Mary! I was an aweful teenager!