Friday, January 25, 2008

Scouting Again!

Dave is the new Cub master for our wards cub scout pack! He had his first Pack meeting this month and I think he did a fantastic job. When he was called to be the job I thought, "this is the perfect calling for Dave!" I knew that the boys would love him. I think Chase and his friends are so lucky to have an experienced scout to lead them. He has a few busy months ahead of him. The blue and Gold Anniversary dinner is in February and them March is the Pinewood Derby and Fundraiser. He is going to be perfect though! I just know it!!!!


Blaire said...

That is such a fun cake! I love it. Hey what do you think the odds are that Dave is going to be with the scouts until Preston gets there?:)Ahh...probably not going to happen, but that would be cool if he were.Oh...also Drew and I are always on the market for new friends. We'll have to hook-up sometime and hang out. Anytime but Saturday mornings; Drew has those on soccer reserve indefinately.(lol):) I'm sure Dave does too.

The Wilhelm Family said...

Way cool cake! Did you make that? You will have to give me some boys would love that!

Lisa said...

Wish Ryan was in your scout group still! Dave will be perfect (not to mention you as the sidekick!)