Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mom, Why Is There a Crab In Our House?

Every Mom needs to hear these words to wake her up out of her evening sleepiness. The kids were getting ready for bed tonight and Chase calls out from the bathroom where he is brushing his teeth, "Mom, why is there a crab in our house?" My response was a cool and casual, "What?" Then comes Chase, "A live crab Mom." OK, Holy Cow, time to freak out. Either he is an amateur prankster with true talent or I have to deal with a live crab. Why do all the weird and wild things happen on nights Dave is at work? So I walk into the bathroom really hoping for the Chase is a prankster scenario. But low and behold there on our bathroom floor is a crab. Thanks Dave for taking the kids down to the sound and collecting seashells and then leaving me to deal with the CRAB!

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Jamie C. said...

Jen that is hilarious! I mean totally gross, I think I would have died!