Monday, January 21, 2008

Have Night Light...Will Read

Since May of last year Chase has become a "Born Again" reader. He started to enjoy reading the summer before 2nd grade. He read books from the Horrible Harry series, Magic Tree house series a few Captain Underpants books and a some Choose Your Own Adventure books. He has read a book here and there since that summer breakthrough, but nothing like now. In May his best friend Ryan Johnson convinced him to start reading the Harry Potter books. It was a slow start for Chase. They are after all such big about intimidation.

Chase finished book seven a little over a month ago. He loved the books. (Now he spends his time reading the Peter and the Start Catcher series) He cracks me up. He has looked up all of the Harry Potter spells on the Internet and loves to cast them on his sisters. We have had to outlaw some of the more serious spells. He was Harry Potter for Halloween even (along with every other boy at school!). A few weeks ago he carved his own wand out of a monstrous stick he collected on one of our walks. He is a total junky.

Best of all though the Harry Potter series opened Chase's mind up to the miraculous world of literature. He is a reading machine. When I go to tuck him in one last time before I go to bed at 11:00 or later he is still reading. We find him tangled in a mass of sheets with his nose still in the book. His teacher tells me he is tiered at school, I wonder why. We can't slow him down. This last Friday Chase came home with the student of the month award. In our school district they award students for exhibiting the Attribute of the month. This month was Perseverance. Mrs. Palacios, Chase's teacher, told Chase that he has definitely shown perseverance for getting through all those big books he likes to read.

Thank you J.K. Rowling for igniting a fuse that will hopefully never burn out in my little boy.

Read on Chase!!!!


Jamie C. said...

Way to go Chase! I guess if Chase can do it, I better give good old Harry Potter a try!

Meghan said...

And people try to say that Harry Potter is bad for children. Shows what they know!

Lisa said...

Too funny. Ryan is exactly the same. I went in to his room last night at 11:00 to have him turn off his light and he begged me to let him finish the chapter... only 20 pages. Nope. (mean mom) Ryan started the series over again and is in book 4. He takes his book everywhere he goes. Way to go Chase!