Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kiss the bad hair days goodbye!

We have had way too many bad hair days recently around here! A few weeks ago Dave came home with a new hair cut. I thought it looked the beginnings of a mullet. It was horrible. I wish I had a picture! I was anxiously awaiting the day he would go in for his next hair cut to fix it up. It was repulsive...lucky for him I just had a baby and it doesn't really matter whether or not he is totally handsome. (do you catch my drift?)

On top of that we have the daily battle with Chase about his hair. We love it longer and wavy, but it only looks good when he does it. Which is NEVER! So instead of great hair everyday he has champion bed head everywhere he goes. A few weeks ago the parents of Chase's friend asked Dave if he would be interested in taking the boys in together to get hair cuts. Our reply...we had just cut Chase's hair that very weekend. It's that bad folks. So, last weekend I took him in to chop off the locks. You would have thought he was Samson. He was near tears and very grumpy about the whole thing. He looks so good with longer hair. But for now, while he's young and doesn't care about how he looks, short is the way to go I think.

Emily came home today with knots so huge they made her hair look like it was tied up in a bun in the back. No matter how I send her to school, she comes home looking like she has had a near death experience. She walked in the door today and I said, "Emily, what in the world happened to your hair? What did you do?" I threw up my hands and we all marched back out, got in the car and headed to Great Clips. I told the girl working that I wanted it short enough that it would never tangle again. No kidding it took her a whole hour to comb out the tangles. I even paid extra for the shampoo to help with the rats nest. The new do is awesome. I really love it and I think that even though Emily is putting up a want my long hair back front she really loves it to. At least she will after tomorrow morning when it doesn't take us forEVER to do her hair!

I have been totally procrastinating cutting Kate's hair. This last summer I took her in and trimmed off maybe not even an inch. So today was her first hair cut really. I was just so reluctant to lose the darling curls. They are so beautiful. However, all that baby hair was starting to get really damaged. They took maybe four inches off. She was so excited, but I watched sadly as each little curl feel to the floor. She's not my baby anymore and the haircut sealed the deal.

So here's to a more carefree life here at the Wilcox home. At least where hair is concerned. Now if I only knew what to do about mine. A little girl that I taught today at friend school in my home asked me if my hair was always in knots and if I ever brushed it. I won't mention names. But apparently the kids aren't the only ones with hair issues.


Cathy said...

Darling cuts! I just chopped mine and I feel like a new woman! I swear I'm addicted to getting my hair cut, mine and Emma's. Nothing feels or looks better than a fresh cut!

The Seaquist Family said...

Ok I am actually laughing out loud and to think I was just thinking in church how pretty your hair looked. LOVE the kids hair. They all look so grown up. I always tell Derek and with every haircut I think the boys grow by the time I am done with the cut. Good for you for being brave with Kate's hair! And Emily...so cute!

Lisa said...

Cute hair kids! I love Emily's... it looks great on her. We just took 3 inches off Katie's hair too. Nice to have a change!

Jamie C. said...

Jen this whole post cracked me up! You are hilarious! You must must must tell me if Gabs said that to you! How hilarious! All your kids look darling, and everyone is envious of your gorgeous hair!

Danny said...

"Dave came home with a new hair cut. I thought it looked the beginnings of a mullet. It was horrible. I wish I had a picture!" Funniest thing I've read in a LONG time. I truly wish you had a camera too! I also read your latest post about being too busy. Sarah definitely feels that way too sometimes. Carter has been much better lately and a lot of it has to do with more of that "quality, stay at home time." That's easier to wish for than it is to achieve though. Tell Dave hi. I can see he's not been burning the midnight oil on the Xbox and neither have I.