Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Totally addicted

I like to tease my kids about what they are grown on. Meaning, whatever I craved when I was pregnant with them. They love it. Out of the blue they will come up and ask me what they were grown on and they love to tell each other. Chase was grown on salsa. I had never had it before I became pregnant with him. Go figure, I was living in Tucson Arizona and hadn't had salsa. My parents and us kids just weren't big on Mexican food back then. I think we have all repented of our ignorant ways now. BRING IT ON!!!! Emily was smoothies. I couldn't get enough fruit in a blender. Dave used to take me to a smoothie shop right outside the University at least once a week. We had some really good concoctions at home too. Katie was Pineapple. I was never really big into it before her. I ate it until my mouth got raw. My friend had a little shower for me and served pina coladas, YUM. Everyone knew to pass me the pineapple! I think the kids think these things still run in their veins. And in Sara's case it might:-)

For the last trimester of my pregnancy with Sara I craved peanut M+Ms like a mad woman. A total change for me. I've always loved the plain ones. I bought a bag full, preferably king size, every time I went out on errands. Sometimes I bought a bag at each store. My trash can in my car is still full of empty peanut M+M bags. I cleared poor Chevron down the hill out of their supply every week. Just thinking about them now makes my mouth water!

The only trouble is, is that I'm still craving them. That's not supposed to happen, Right? I bought two large bags the other day and ate them both except for the very few Dave was able to procure before I had gobbled them all up. I even hide them from the kids because I don't want to share. It's totally criminal!

Anyway so Sara is still enjoying an M+M milkshake almost everyday. If she starts looking round and develops brightly covered skin...please call the authorities...I might try to eat her up! I feel like the boy who drowns in the chocolate river from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

HELP!!!!! No not really...just keep them coming!

While we're on the subject you can take the poll on the left hand side of the blog and resolve a dispute between Dave and I. I should know I think think since I'm the connoisseur, but we'll see.

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