Monday, January 28, 2008

New Shiny Smiles!

We all piled in the car for the long drive to the dental office this weekend. It has been almost two years since any of us have been to the dentist. We have been too far away for Grandpa Wilcox to see our teeth and up until now Dave wasn't able to because the military wouldn't allow him to see civilians, even family. Now that Dad is working at a nice private practice, Graham Family Dental, we are able to have our teeth taken care of. YEAH!!!!

All the kids got cleaning and Chase and Emily had sealants done. The kids now have pearly whites again. With the new hair cuts and clean teeth we are ready for a photo shot I think!

Kate did awesome. I thought for sure she would freak out having her teeth polished. But Dad was great and she sat through the whole cleaning no problems. She is so cute. Here she is giving Dad a high five for a job well done. I think we'll stick with our new dentist :-)

Katie has always been interested in mouths. Since she was a baby I've said if any of children choose to be a dentist it would be her! She found this magnifying glass on the desk and had a fantastic time checking our Emily as Dad did her polishing.

Here she is Checking on Dads work. Can we hire her to evaluate Dave during boards?
Thanks dad for are clean slippery teeth!


The Wilhelm Family said...

That is just way too cool that you guys can get dental work done by dad.

Lisa said...

How fun. Loved the pictures. Kate peering into Emily's mouth is priceless. Yeah for Dave working outside of the military!!!! Does he like the practice?

Danny said...

Cool photos and Dave looks very much like an official dentist and not the hack job I knew who used dental tools to make pinewood derby cars.

So Lost And Found said...

Love the pics with Kate helping Dave out. Really Cute! Emily looks sot grown up with Kate.