Thursday, September 27, 2007

Long Beach Kit Festival

Our last trip of the summer was to head to the Washington coast with our friends the Flake family for the Long Beach kite festival. I have never seen so many kites in the sky at once. Seriously, I don't know how everybody was flying so many kites without getting their strings all tangled together. I loved all the color everywhere and seeing so many fun kite designs.

So here are my top ten:

10. Not taking the dog with us this time (see separate post).

9. Watching Ray Bethell fly three kites at a time, and not just having them up in the air, but doing stunts and tricks with them.

8. Staying in a hotel and not having to worry about the sand dunes forming on the floors and in the kids beds.

7. Just relaxing while watching individuals do kite ballets (choreographed routines preformed to music).

6. Learning how to play a new game "San Juan" (someday Eric I will beat you soundly!!!!!)

5. Watching the iquad revolution team. It was like watching synchronized swimming in the air.

4. Staying in a hotel with an indoor pool and a hot tub because folks it was cold!

3. All the Beautiful color and kites.

2. Not having to yell at my kids because they were having so much fun playing with friends that they didn't have time to be mean to each other!

1. Being with good friends.

For more pictures, click HERE

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