Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why is Motherhood So Glorified?

My friend Rebecca just emailed me a link to this most hilarious blog. It was sooooo my life. I laughed so hard. I must admit it is nice to feel like others share in my misery. I know it is totaly awful to hope that others are as miserable as you are. But when it all comes down to "real life" it is totally comforting to know you aren't the one with rottenest kids.

I look at some Mom's and families I admire and wonder why I can't achieve the blissful happiness they have in my home. Then I try to get their perfect little children to rat them out. No seriously I asked one of our favorite DuPont babysitters once if she and her sisters ever fought. I had an insane need at that moment to know that her family wasn't perfect. Is it so horrible to hope that other peoples kids are total hellions too?

As I was reading this truly clever woman's blog and thinking to myself that I totally could have it worse...I could have her kids...Emily starts screaming outside. I go to preform the obligatory investigation. Chase and Kate are throwing Sara's poopy diapers off the balcony at her as she is trying to take out the trash. In an instant all hopes that my children were not the worst behaved hellions on earth went out the window.

So as your life happens to you...and you entertain the thought that your own kids must be the worst hooligans around you know that there is me with my out-of-control brood and this poor lady.
Enjoy her blog - it is sooooo worth the time you will invest!


Stacey B. said...

LOL! Too funny. All kids are hellions once in a while. Throwing diapers off the balcony...hmmm...that might be right up there with Alli full-on punching Ryan in the stomach because he wanted to play with her. Just when I think they really love each other, something humbles me once again.
Keep the faith, you have great kids!!

The Seaquist Family said...

I think you and I are on the same wave length so often. Watching my "seemingly" perfect friends/assocaites can be exhasting/depressing/etc. I even told the Bishop the other day that Satan comes into my home at 3pm every day and leaves at 8pm. Why is that? Why can't they get along? Not touch one another? Not hit, kick, spit, trick, scare, lock in the closet, and on and on. Thanks for being a friend and one who keeps it real! Love you!

Stephanie Saunders said...

I have more of a problem with those moms that always seem calm. Makes me want to spit on 'em. Why is it so easy for them to keep calm when I'm threatening my kids with bodily harm in church? Good stuff, I tell ya.

Sara said...

So FUNNY! I can't wait to read the link. Just remember that there are no perfect children and those that seem to be perfect are just better at hiding it then the rest of us. I say that children with more spunk have more character!!! At least it makes me feel better about my own little rascals!!!

Love you Jen!

sallie said...

Naughtiness runs through the Wilcox genes-it's in our blood! Did we forget to mention that when Dave tricked you into marrying him...? Oops-our bad. Let us remember that this is why God made babies and kids so cute-otherwise-WE'D KILL UM!