Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sara Is Drawing!

Sara has started drawing recognizable pictures! Everyone is so excited to have her reach this stage. She started the other day during Sacrament meeting. I smiled at the picture she brought Dave. It was of him with her on his shoulders. Super cute. She tore it. Then she drew a picture of me. It was a riot. I had a big thing sticking out of my head. I asked her what it was and she said, "It is your horn from when you were a pony." So I carefully labeled it and put it in my scripture bag to keep it safe so I could bring it home and save it. Well, somehow she found it and tore it up. So though this is not her VERY FIRST drawing it is the first I have salvaged from her silly tendency to shred and destroy. So her I am in Sara's eyes. I have a very round body (but then again so do all the people she draws), two arms, two legs, eyes, a mouth and very thin and limp hair. What more could a person hope for in their portrait?

It makes me wonder as I have seen now the first drawing of 4 children. They all started on their own without being taught. And somehow their first pictures are all so similar.

We have a wall in our playroom with empty picture frames on wallpaper that we let the kids draw in. Sara has been trying to sneak a picture on the wall for a year now. She has several scribble marks that made it up. But hasn't been allowed to draw with permission yet. Yesterday I let her draw her first "authorized" picture. She was so excited. I wish, thinking back, that I had taken a picture of her doing it. It was a big moment to celebrate her new ability. That only added fuel to the fire. Now I pictures all over the house, so far on paper, of her silly little people.


RuSty and LaLa said...

That is so fun! I love every little milestone they hit. It is just amazing to see them learn and conquer their minds and bodies. Rusty said it helps him understand why we needed to come and get a body. They are hard to figure out at first.

Anonymous said...

Good Job Sara!!! Keep up the good work.
Grandma D

Nicole said...

Hey, at least she gave you hair. I think I did not get any of that for the first few months of drawing.

Anonymous said...

Sara, you are an Artist!!! Glad no one siad that that was Grandpa!!!!
Tucson Grandpa