Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's A Banana Bird Becuase It's Yellow! - Kate

These were taken with my very favorite lens. My zoom lens is a permanent attachment. And thank goodness for image stabilization. I took this picture inside from my stairway. Love it!


Lisa said...

Great great pictures. What zoom do you have? I forget what camera you ended up getting too. Glad you like it!!! I have a 18-200 and it stays on my camera too.

Cathy said...

Holy cow, you took this from inside your house? Wow!

Anonymous said...

You are taking great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what camera do you have? and what kind of lens? those pictures look really great!--and as always Katie is too cute:)

Nicole said...


What did it eat to get its white polkadots?