Thursday, January 20, 2011


It has always amazed me that real friends can pick up right where they left off with no hesitation. There aren't any awkward moments wondering if you will still have chemistry together. You don't worry about the fact that you haven't really seen each other in 7 years and your lives have been going in separate directions for so long you won't have anything in common any more. No worries. I didn't even think about it. I was going to see my California girls (I still call them that even though Aileen is in Colorado) and I knew it would be just like I had been at their houses yesterday. And it was. What a wonderful blessing friendship is!
Meet Sara, Kathryn, and Aileen. Three of my really wonderful friends! Seven years ago we all lived near each other in Colton, CA. We were best friends. The times we had together still make me smile. Trips to the beach, taking the kids out early and heading down to Disneyland for the day, parties, swimming days, science fair projects, every wonderful memory from Dave's years in dental school can usually be attributed to one of these amazing women!
We enjoyed our weekend together like you wouldn't believe. I didn't want to come home. It was so funny, we didn't stop talking. The poor people of Salt Lake must have thought we were the biggest chatty kathies ever. We talked while we shopped for clothes, talked while we ate, talked our way through the grocery store, talked until 1:00 in the morning...talked, talked, talked!
Salt lake was so cold! We were freezing! It snowed while we were there and coated everything in a blanket of white. It was beautiful! Walking through Temple square was so peaceful. We toured the conference center. The work of arts housed in that building amazed me. It was like being in an art museum. Watching the Joseph Smith movie made me cry and I left wanting to be a better mother and wife. We walked through the visitor's center and visited Desert books (and spent a little money there). We played games, watched a movie, soaked in the hot tub, gave ourselves facials and reveled in each others company!
One of the highlights of the trip for me was going to see music and the spoken word. I have never seen the Mormon Tabernacle Choir preform live. They were AMAZING. My favorite part of the morning was when the choir preformed a song accompanied by hand bells. It was beautiful. I got chills!This was my most favorite part of my little trip. Being with women that I LOVE and eating great food. In this particular photo we are eating at the Red Iguana. I would have loved to actually have tasted the food, but it was so spicy hot the whole inside of my mouth melted down. It was days before I could taste anything again. There was unfortunately a major lack of dessert on this trip. Unfortunately for me my girlfriends are a whole lot healthier than me. Next time...

Ladies I love you and it was so wonderful to see you all together again!


The Seaquist Family said...

I want a trip like that with you!

Sarah said...

This is my favorite post ever! I just love looking at the photos and reminiscing!! I have craved chocolate covered cinnamon bears EVERY DAY since then as well:) The photo of the temple with the statue looks AWESOME! You are great and I love you!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun and got to re-charge we all need those kind of day.

Familia Bethers said...

I think about this trip ALL THE TIME! I LOVED IT!!! I have to whole-heartedly agree with you ... great friendships like ours are the best! I am really looking forward to the next one ... even if we said we were bringing the guys this time ... sigh. Just kidding! I know they will have just as much fun as we did. And next time, for sure MORE DESSERT!!!

It was refreshing, uplifting, and totally what I needed! I am really looking forward to seeing you all again.

Love you gals,

Anonymous said...

Glad that you had such a fun time; you deserved it.