Sunday, September 4, 2011


From September 4, 2011

I am so excited for Kate because:
-She grew academically so much last year that I expect her to continue to learn by leaps and bounds
-She is very bright and doesn't struggle with any particular subject
-She got the teacher that "she" requested
-Kate will get to participate in an after school art program this year that is awesome!
-Hopefully before too long she will finally be ready to start reading "Magic Tree House" books

Things I worry about for her because I'm her Mom:
-Kate always has a tough time at the beginning of the year getting back into the routine
-I hope she will learn to let go of her perfectionism just a bit to let herself enjoy her art a bit more
-I yearn for Kate to find a really good friend this year
-I hope that as Kate grows she will learn to become more assertive at school and gain some leadership qualities


Anonymous said...

Love those nails, you are so darn cute and talented, I hope this year is a wonderful year or you, love you tons and tons.
Grandma D

Nicole said...

I bet you will have a blast with your art class!

Jenny- THANK YOU so much for your help with the whole Magic Tree House thing... Jessica was SO excited when I mentioned you recommended Horrible Harry. She said that was what she actually wanted but forgot the name. We went and got her a few and she loves it- she even asks to stay up late and read.

Anonymous said...

Your are so very pretty!!! Have fun in school.

RuSty and LaLa said...

Someone got her nails done. Super cute!