Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our Royal Family

Years ago I saw this tradition feature in Family Fun Magazine and we have faithfully made it our own now several years strong. Each school aged kid gets a whole day to reign supreme before school begins. We draw to see who gets what day and then the kids have to site and create their lists. This year each child had a budget of $100 so they had to be super thoughtful with their selections. The kids get to choose meals, activities,
games and so on. They are also the decision maker for the day. If another sibling wants to go play at a friends house they have to get permission from the monarch! We have lots of fun. I especially enjoy watching their anticipation as school draws near because they know their special days are just around the corner.

Queen Emily:
-Eggo waffles
-Get nails painted
-Go to the Zoo
-Play the game "Life"
-Taco salad
-Rent a movie and have family movie night

Queen Kate:

-Dad's hot cereal
-Get Nails Painted
-Shopping with Mom
-Give Zeke a bath
-Get squishy animals from Dad's office
-Eggs, Bacon, Toast and Orange Julius
-Buy some of Chase's fancy Scout popcorn and have a family movie night

King Chase:

-See "Smurfs" at the theater
-Get squishy animals from Dad's office
-Out to dinner at Red Robin
-Laser tag game with friends at the park


Anonymous said...

Sure glad that you carry on the tradition that you have started, cool thing, and I know the kids love it.

Nicole said...

Wow, those squishy animals are a big hit!