Sunday, April 14, 2013

Double Rainbow...What Does It Mean......?

What it means is that frequent views like this are still in our future.

We are not moving this summer as we had hoped.

We had a real estate agent come to the house on Thursday.  The news wasn't what we were hoping for.  With Dave's purchase of the dental practice out in Gig Harbor we had hoped to move there this summer.  But it looks like those plans will have to wait.

We don't have enough equity in on house to cover moving expenses   Who would have know that it would cost so much to sell a home.  With taxed and real estate fees we are well short of the amount of equity we would need to even walk away empty handed from our home.

So we are staying for another year and then reevaluating the state of the market.

So while it is sad to be placing life on hold for a bit (it is never fun to have to wait for changes that you know are inevitable   It would be much nicer to just move on with life's new direction) it is also nice to know that we will be seeing lots more of our beautiful views!

I am glad to have a bit longer in the house I love.


RuSty and LaLa said...

Beautiful place you live.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture of a rainbow.

Anonymous said...

Just be patient and all will turn out. At least we all know that we have another year!!!

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