Sunday, April 14, 2013

Egg Hunt 2013

 Typically I am watching the weather like a hawk as Easter comes closer.  I am looking every day at the forecast hoping that there might be even a slight chance of sunshine for our egg hunt.  Usually it is wet, cold and yucky.  And we have even had to resort to an indoor hunt.  But this year we had absolutely gorgeous "we must be in another state" Easter weather.  The Easter bunny was very tricky this year and color matched the eggs with their hiding spaces.  The kids were still finding eggs a whole keep later.  It was lots of fun.

 Kate finding a egg hidden in one of my very favorite trees.  

 Chase and Kate have found baggies full of letters which the assume are clues to the location of the golden egg.  They tried forming a pact to combine their clues.  Silly kids.  Dave and I had a special Easter surprise for the kids this year.  I wrote it out and then cut out each letter and put them in little bags that we hid out in the yard.  
Chase found the golden egg this year, putting Kate's reign for the last three years to an end.  It was hidden taped to the underside of this table.  It wasn't even a hard spot this year but it took the kids forever.  We had to give the kids hot and cold clues.  Chase finally clued into the clue that every time he walked by the table I raised my camera and found the egg.  With all the eggs he found with dollars in them combined with the $10 he found in the golden egg he collected $22.  Pretty good Easter haul.  He hasn't decided what to save for.  He says for now he is just :hoarding it".

Once the kids had found most of the eggs they came inside to try to decipher the clues for their big Easter surprise.  They came up with several interesting arrangements.  
Some of their combinations:
dark great elf door
great dog elf door
wolf dog tearing leg
I had to give them a hint that I had color coded individual words.  This was there reaction to figuring out that we were taking them to Great Wolf Lodge!


Anonymous said...

I love the surprized look on their faces.

Anonymous said...

Great job Chase. Looks like they all had fun.