Saturday, February 16, 2008


So this is Chase five years ago! Not much has changed. He still loves to play battle. Here he is pretending to be Link from Zelda (actually he called himself Zelda but I don't think he knew it was the princess). You have no idea how much I love having a boy. I loved the way he would go through the house talking to himself as he rid our home of villianous evil doers. He has always been so creative and independent.

It's chase's turn to find out what I love most about him. Honestly it has taken me so long to get to "his" post becuase I haven't really known what to say. With the girls there was one obvious thing that stood out. Not so with Chase. But the more I thought about it I was fianlly able to come to a conclusion that I thought worked.

I love how sensitive Chase is. Sometimes this makes for tears when he fears he's been wrongfully accused. His sensitivity occasionally is more problem than blessing but I wouldn't have him any other way. The first signs that pointed to the tender creature that Chase would become came when I was pregnant with Emily. Baby girls make me so sick. As I would sit in the bathroom pucking my guts out Chase would stand over me patting my back telling me it would be OK. He was also a cuddle bug. (only to me and Grandma DeWitt though) He would come over and sit with me, blanket in tow and just snuggle. Speaking of his blanket...his sensitivity also presented itslef through his attachments to things. Like the blanky or his collection of stuffed animal pokemon and especially his stuffed teddy bear FUZZ.

Currently he has been showing that sweetness of his a little more than usual. I frequently catch him holding Sara and snoozing with her. Of all of our children he has bonded with her the most. The other day he asked me to bring her to school for show and tell.

Also he has started thinking a little more deeply about his relationships with his sisters. He has really been trying to be a better brother and to earn our trust. When he messes up and gets in trouble it almost breaks my heart to see him looking so disappointed in himself.

I think it is really sweet to have a son that cares so deeply and thinks so profoundly. I hope he will be a wonderful husband some day. Just like his Daddy

PS... for those that are wondering Chaseroni is Chase's nickname.


Danny said...

Very sublime post. It is clear from this post that you're a great mom and Chase is a wonderful boy.

Anonymous said...

Chaseroni--that's funny!

I have sick pregnancies too. Your going to have to tell me how to be pregnant with kids 'cause I don't know how you do it...maybe Preston can hold my hair back for me:)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I love your new blog title picture!

Dana said...

Roger is cuddly like that. I wonder if he will be sensitive like Chase. Boys are fun. They always do the craziest things.