Sunday, February 24, 2008

Teriyaki Chicken Dee Dee Style

As requested, here is the recipe we used for our blue and Gold dinner. We also served white and fried rice. For desert we had fortune cookies and a good old fashioned Costco cake.

Boil chicken thighs in water.
Cool and pull apart from the bone.
In crock pot cook with sauce and pieces of peeled ginger.2 cups sugar to 2 cups soy sauce to 2 cups water (that's the ratio, if you need to increase the amount of sauce to cover your chicken keep the ratio the same)
There is no specific cook time. Since the chicken is pre-cooked I think on low for a couple of hours should be fine.

Happy cooking!


Fisher Family said... I'm hungry. That sounds yummy.

Willie said...

I made this for an enrichment meeting potluck once. Next thing I knew I got a phone call about serving it for a staKe enrichment. It's so good! Our family loves it and so do missionaries. So easy and yummy!Andrea