Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sock Hop Smash!

Dad was really a super hero this week. A knight in denim jeans :-)

Flowers for his girls.

Dad got to take his girls to yet another fantastic DuPont Daddy Daughter Dance. This year they outdid themsleves with a 50's theme. I walked into the school gym and wanted to be a child myself or a Dad or something so I could stay. The girls were given menus they could order from at the diner (converted cafeteria booth). They could choose from mini hamburgers, onion rings, milk shakes and other yummy treats. All that was missing were waitresses on rollerskates! The tables were decorated by goddesses of entertaining. Each table had it's own theme having to do with the 5o's. There was a poodle table, a soda fountain table, an Elvis table and the girls sat at the cotton candy table. The music was perfect for dancing. What a fun time it must have been to live in. To make the evening perfect they had a special surprise appearance by Elvis who managed to make the girls swoon...even Emily.
Look at Dave's dance moves.
Kate with her friend Lucy cutting a rug!
We had so much fun getting ready. It was so cool to have the girls dress up in poodle skirts! I even found cute glasses to go with their outfits. Dad brought beautiful corsages when he picked them up at the door. He was dressed up as a greaser of course. The girls loved that I fussed over them so much. There are only two times a year I let them wear make-up. Halloween and the Daddy Daughter Dance. I tell you what, my girls are going to be heart breakers. They are so pretty and sweet. A total package. Look at those eye lashes!!!! Dad even took the girls in the
date night vehicle (his truck) to our local pizza place for dinner and then it was off to a night on the dance floor.

Emma's two cents:
My favorite part of the Daddy Daughter Dance was dancing with Dad. I loved that he did all the tricks with me. My favorite is when he slides me under his legs and flips up into the air.
Katie's favorite:
My favorite of the night was eating cupcakes. I liked dancing with Daddy and Lucy. I liked putting the lipstick on. I like the poodle on my skirt!


Rebecca said...

Absolutely adorable, great pics! Who took the ones of Sara? Email me!!! Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, how totally fun!!!
And it is a little unfair to have 4 completely beautiful children.
Love Mom

Fisher Family said...

What a fun night...I love the air on Katie's lift. Cute post.

The Seaquist Family said...

What a perfect evening for the girls. Nothing is better than a night with Dad. Dad's are so cool when it comes to their kids. Love the pictures - especially that close up. Great skirts too. Guess the sewing machine is up and running again.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you are going to have to put tracking devices on those girls. They can be let loose--they are too beautiful. Your right those eyes are so gorgeous! Oh BTW--Dave looks good too.

Danny said...

Wow, this a veritable media blow out! Great post! You won't see one of that magnitude on my site for a while, although we just finished a hike during which I took a lot of photos and videos, so perhaps I'll use this as a template for what I'm going to do. I have a question: how do you get your video to be so clear and high res? Mine look very low res in comparison!

Lisa said...

So sad to have missed out on the fun. The girls look great!!!!