Monday, June 9, 2008

Making Dreams Come True

First let me say a very special than you to all the wonderful horse owners that have shared their horses with my daughters. You are all wonderful people and I hope you know how much your kindness has blessed the lives of my girls.

This is Epona and her five day old Filly. Debbie, one of the hygienists that Dave works with is their proud owner. We were her very lucky guests. How often do you get to surprise your horse loving daughter with a trip to a ranch to see a five day old filly?

The whole experience was amplified with extra excitement after finishing reading "Misty of Chincoteague" together for our first Mother / Daughter book club book. Emily has always loved horses. But after the book she is truly in love all over again. When we go canoeing to Ketron Island she even pretends we are going to Chincoteague!

The little filly was shy but curious enough to check out the kids. Especially Katie who was just her size. It was magical to be around such a tiny and innocent creature who in just a short while will grow to be so graceful and powerful. All I could do though was think about poor Epona having to deliver a baby with such proportions!

Thank you Debbie and Epona for sharing your little miracle with my starstruck daughters!


Meghan said...

I never even knew the real name of the Island!

RuSty and LaLa said...

How cute is that. Good conections dave. I would have died to see this when I was little...okay I still would really like to see that. I love animals especially when there in baby form.

Nicole said...

Jessie is so jealous!

Clark Family said...

You blog so much I can't keep up. What a great time for the girls! Elise too is a horse lover and I can only imagine the excitement. I also would love to do a mommy/daughter book club when Elise is older, what a great idea. The years supply, good job. We just canned 3 months worth, still needing some things. It's great to do it at home on your time! Or at least when you can get the canner. I should have taken a pic of my van too:) Sara looked so beautiful on her blessing day. How great to have so much family here and the sailing was a great idea. I think we will have to try that sometime ourselves. I think I am caught up for now:) Oh, and do you have copies of those letters the girls did. I know Elise would love those pictures. Fun sharing in your life.

Rebecca said...

You always do the coolest things.

Lisa said...

I'm sure Emily was in heaven. How fun for her. What a sweet little horse. Katie and I are thinking of copying your book club idea! Wish we could do it with you guys!