Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Mountain of Spirit

I personaly think that one of the reason God spent so much time on the creation of our Earth and all of the beauty of Nature is to give us something to remind us of Him. We were able to see Mt. Rainier today. It is so sad that we don't get to see it for such long stretches. Anytime it is overcast the mountain is invisible or nearly there. But today, on the first sunny day in two weeks it was majestic. I had to stop on the way home from buying birthday party supplies to take a picture of it. (I wasn't the only one either)

As I headed for home I couldn't help but think about how Mt. Rainier to me, is like the Holy Ghost. It is always there, though sometimes because of an overcast forecast it is imperceptible. Similarly the Holy Ghost is always there for us, however, when are spirits are clouded over in sin or spiritual neglect we may not even remember it's there. Mt. Rainer can be if we allow it to be, a constant reminder of God's love for us. So is the the job of the Holy Ghost, a comforter to help us feel God's love. Mt. Rainer is the single most dominant landmark of the state of Washington. Most of us who live in Western Washington are constantly aware of it's presence. So should me be of the Holy Ghost. The presence of the Spirit should be a massive landmark in our souls. I can always look at Mt Rainier to get my directional bearrings. So to should we all look to the Holy Ghost to help lead our way.

Anyway...3 hours later when I finally sit down to write down my thoughts it doesn't read the way it felt. But the next time you look up at our beautiful mountain or one of your own, let it's strength remind you of that strength within you that is always yours, the Holy Ghost.


The Wilhelm Family said...

I never thought about it like that...but so true and well written. I have such a deep emotional connection to Mt. Rainier and love to be able to see it most of the time of the year. I love the picture you took...where did you take it from?

Sarah said...

"Anyway...3 hours later when I finally sit down to write down my thoughts it doesn't read the way it felt."

I know what you mean. Spiritual experiences are kind of like dreams, they fade quickly and do not translate well in words.

Fisher Family said...

i love the picture of Mt Rainier. I love that you appreciate nature and it's beauty the way i do. What a great comparison. Thank you for my spiritual thought for the day...i needed one.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you Jennifer. Thanks for the beautiful Fathers Day gift. By the way, I have brand new New Mexico's.

Tucson Grandpa

sixlayerdip said...

Thanks Jen!

Lisa said...

Beautiful picture, great analogy. Thanks!