Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kate Starts Preschool

I signed Kate up for the Co-op preschool at Chloe Clark. She is so excited to be going to school at Emily's school. After volunteering with me for years I think she thinks of it as her school too. The co-op looks great in every way except the way it looks like is going to suck me dry of free time. I have to volunteer teach at the the preschool once a week, leaving Sara behind. Which me that I will also now have to babysit once a week. (no matter how much I love the kids I'm watching I'm never real eager to get into that again) Then there are parent meetings and fundraisers I have to attend. Way to much obligation waying me down. Sometimes I wish i had just done our perfect little friend school again. But this is what Katie really wanted.

So how was the first day? She loved every minute. Painting was of course where she spent most of her 15 minutes. (you read that right...totally insane, it was a "soft start" I think the teacher was hopeful to get to know the children one on one) It was so anti climatic! Her Kate has been waiting a whole month for her class to start. We have gone to meet the teacher, the open house, various meeting and the special day finally arrived. Only after 15 minutes we were having to walk out the door. Kate cried the whole way to the car. She was so sad school only lasted a split second. Poor baby. Today is a full day so hopefully she will come home happy as a lark.

We saw her teacher at Stake conference this weekend. Small world those LDS circles. Her name is Ms. Lauren. This is Kate's take:

"I like that Ms. Lauren like to let us paint. I am excited to play with the rainbow rice (which we donated). We get to learn in our classroom. I love that I have a backpack. I get to eat. She even has rocks and a magnifying glass! I get to see Emma she lives across the hall form my class!"

So here is to my smart little sweety. I hope she comes home educationally and artistically fulfilled today.


Nicole said...

OK, I'm going to big a big girl for the sake of my daughter...

RuSty and LaLa said...

Very exciting! Let the fun begin!