Sunday, January 18, 2009

When It Rains It Pours!

For the record:

This week

-the washing machine broke (and can't be repaired, it should be noted that Kate wet the bed the night before it decided to die and I have her bedding sitting in the washer wet and now smelly)

-the car is making BAD sounds and will be in the shop within the next day or two

-the pump for our air bed was destroyed by one sweet 20 pound baby who by simply stepping on it sheared off the connector and now the dumb air tubes can't stay connected. (No air in the bed for Dave!)

-naturally it was the month to renew our car registration and Dave's dental malpractice insurance

-I have been called to be the Primary President (and if you have ever done that before you know how hard it is to have fiscal restraint!)

So according to my mathematical genius that adds up to several thousand dollars. AHHHH. I need a job:-)

And oh yeah, if anyone knows anyone selling a new washing machine, car and a queen size bed...please let me know.


The Seaquist Family said...

I will admit, I was doing OK until I got to the Primary President part, then I actually gasped. Oh Jen, you have had a horrible week but I must admit, at this moment I am wishing my kids were in your primary. You just do such an amazing job at everything you do. You will do for the money - just ask Chase. He always has money right? :)

Sarah said...

Bummer. You are more than welcome to use my washing machine anytime you'd like. Heaven knows I'm not using it! (Hee hee, really I am, but you wouldn't know that by the ever-present piles of dirty clothes in my baskets.)

Kath said...

You mush have a smart Bishop because you will be a great Primary President! The kids in your ward are so lucky. As for the rest... that stinks - just like those sheets. Hope next month is better :)

Sarah said...

That is quite the week! I have to say that you being Primary President is wonderful and you will do an amazing job as with everything you do! Hope the car repairs, etc, end up costing less than you are imagining!

Nicole said...

Wow- and do you have your down payment saved up yet? :)

Is there no warantee on your bed (I know it's old, but when we were bed shopping I remember there being a VERY long warentee on the pump. can you purchase a new pump? Maybe you could have Dave blow it up when he returns :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Not a fun week at all, but by my count you are done with your second round of three events so the "sun will come out tomorrow".

No really those must be some very special Primary kids for the old devil to try to get the better of you and discourage you.

But not you, you have enough energy for not only this but whatever else he throws your way.

Love you

shelly said...

Sorry to hear about all the rotten news. Well, almost all rotten... I am so excited for you to be the primary president. You will be AWESOME!!! Hang in there, there can't be much more bad stuff coming your way!

Cathy said...

Congrats on the new calling, you'll be great!

Honeycombs said...

I will say that you looked really pretty at church on Sunday. I could give you a job cleaning my house for a roll of quarters and you could help the local laundromat in this ecomnomic crisis.