Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April Fools Part Two

This is out of sequence. I haven't gotten a post up about our vacation (going through pictures takes time). But this was just too funny to forget about and not post.

Chase and I have this routine. He is so independent and reliable that he sets his alarm, gets himself up and all ready for school and then wakes me up with enough time to hop in the car and drive him to his bus stop. (I am still taking him down the street to avoid having to ride our bus which has some rotten eggs aboard).

I sleep in until the very last minute and he always wakes me up. It is a great routine. Now all of you really great Mom's out there are right I have major room for improvement. But I hate mornings and haven't gotten to the great mother level yet where I can sacrifice sleep for my children.

So I wake up. Throw on my slippers and coat and we are off to the bus stop. I drop him off and he is really excited that he is there first. He and his friends have a little competition going to see who can get to a specific spot first.

On the way home I look at the clock on the car and it says 6:45. That's an hour early. I thought that someone had messed with the clock. So when I get home I look at the clock. Still 6:45ish. Which means Chase woke up an hour early, did everything an hour early, and is now waiting at the bus stop an hour early.

I left him.

To wait at the bus stop for an hour...I know I am a beast. But I thought to myself...the jokes on him. I knew eventually he wold walk to his friends house to see what was going on, probably thinking he had missed the bus. She is a better Mom and let him in.

Crazy kid...what was he thinking waking me up an hour early!


Nicole said...

Ha ha- that's great!

Sarah said...

So it really was his April Fool's joke on you? That's pretty clever! What did he end up doing?

Anonymous said...

If you planned that good for you, getting Mom back for all the mash potatoes.
If you didn't, hey at least you got a good laugh.
Love you tons,
Grandma D

Familia Bethers said...

So did he plan it? I'm confused ... was it to wake you up an hour early since you don't like mornings? Funny none the less. I still remember you driving him to Cooley Ranch in your bath robe! LOL!

Jennifer said...

Aileen, that indormation about my robe is classified. And no he didn't plan it! That little stinker just lost his mind!

Stephanie Saunders said...

Yeah, I would have left my kid, too.

Melissa said...

Jenny!!! It is 11:07 PM and I just laughed OUT LOUD sitting here at my computer. That was a beyond fantastic story. I LOVE IT and YOU! Good job, mom. Way to get Chase there first!

judy said...

I am so glad to know I am not the only one that can't give up sleeping in for my kid. I can't imagine what I would do if Kait got me up and out of the house an hour early.

Anonymous said...

You obviously didn't get the early up gene from me. What a naughty, naughty mom!!! By 6:45, I'm already on my second shot of chocolate!