Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools

Another day full of foolery has come and gone. This was my favorite year yet. There is just something so great about getting to mess with your kids for a day. You holds bared pay back for all the stuff they pull on you all year long. I left Dave out of the torture this time. It was all about the kids.

First Dave got up and made the kids breakfast. He has been making them hot cereal a few times a week trying to spend some more quality time with his kids. This mornings porridge was green and full of buggers (Oreo cookies). He told the kids he accidentally sneezed in it. Poor Kate couldn't get over the imagery and pushed it around her bowl until I offered to give her some cereal. You should have seen the relief in her face!

While Dave was distracting the kids with a snotty breakfast I was packing up gag lunches. I glued their sandwich bags shut, replaced their Cheetos with carrots and put a gummy worm in their apple!

Once everyone returned home from school, I told the kids I had signed them up for summer camp. They were so excited. I told them it would be this summer and they were so excited that it was the "going away" kind of camp. Dave and I had printed off full color brochures from Family Fun and I gave them to the kids. They read them over and had totally different reactions. Emily and Kate were soooo excited ( I don't think they got the gist of it all). Chase said something like no way and what was I thinking etc... I laughed soooo hard. The brochure is awesome!!!! You have to check it out in better detail. Click Here!

Then I took a break until dinner. We had Sushi and punch (candy, cake and jello). This year I didn't make a fake dessert (you know mashed potato something). I decided Chase should get to enjoy the Holiday too. And going one day with junk for dinner wouldn't kill anyone. We did try some real Sushi though. I should amend that statement. Everyone tried it but me. YUCK...never!!!!! I still can't believe I have the kids totally befuddled about making them eat things that I don't! That is the real April fools!


judy said...

I had never thought to do April fools with Kait but she was so jealous as she came home that day telling me all the great jokes you did to Emma. I may have to borrow some ideas for next year. You are the mom she has always wanted.

Anonymous said...

You have always been a great jokester. I bet it was fun!

Sarah said...

You are hilarious! I can't believe you didn't even try the sushi though. All of your meals sounds delicious:)

Familia Bethers said...

John & I are both sittin' here sending you some BIG props for your fun creative April Fool's joke! We especially love the carrots inside their cheetos!

Melissa said...

Very fun lunch ideas! The whole day sounded fun. You are such a fantastic mom. Seriously, you are too perfect to your kids. Love you.