Monday, April 6, 2009

Black Apple Dolls

I have been so slow about getting this post up. My friend Jamie Chiara and I had a little craft party a few months back and made these totally awesome and incredibly sweet dolls with friends. It was so fun. We made cute doll invitations and went to the fabric store together to find "just right" fabric and accessories.

I had so much fun that evening that I couldn't stop. I have made a few as birthday presents for some of Emily's friends. And just recently shipped two off as birthday presents for cousins.

Emily even made one with her achievement day girls. (I will have to add that picture)

I have gotten my time down to about an hour a doll which is perfect. Fast crafts are the best!

If you are feeling crafty (ANDREA :-) Then here is the website with a video tutorial (must watch) and the template!


Anonymous said...

These are totally cute!!

Andrea said...

My girls LOVE these!!! Thank you! What a fun b-day present for them. Carina takes hers everywhere and is the sleeping doll of choice because she is so soft, yet so fancy!