Saturday, December 5, 2009

Candy Storage

First I have to start with a story about my little sister. Nicole is 2 years younger than me and my opposite in every aspect of life - almost. But for illustration of this story we will focus on one thing imparticular.


On all those wonderful holidays where candy was involved we had two totally opposite approaches. I would eat all of my candy as fast as possible. If my Mother hadn't set some limits I am pretty sure I could have knocked down every last piece of Halloween candy in one night. But there were limits and so it lasted a few days. Nicole on the other hand...I don't know how to explain is kind of freakish. She carefully consumed her candy. It was almost sacred or something. Never fail she still had candy from the previous Easter or Halloween when the new Holiday rolled around. (and it's not like she had a ton to begin with) So it was always my duty as her older sister to ground her in the real world. In the real world you can not stock pile. If you try to save all your money the IRS comes and takes it all away. If you try to HORDE all your candy, the big sister comes to take it all away.
Now years after moving out of the house I am faced with another hoarder. (In case you didn't know I am a PURGER with a capital "P") Chase is in no other way the child I would say reminds me of my sister Nicole. Except in this one thing. He hordes his candy. Actually he thinks he is exceptionally spiritualy in tune and the most righteous of the righteous. Because as he pointed out to me once when I was complaining about the rock hard confections he ferrets away, he replied...

"Mom the prophet told us to have food storage. If we have to have a years supply of food he meant candy too. Because we eat candy. So it's my year supply." -something along those lines

I held back a snicker.

So Chase has his bins full of candy hiding away in a secret place in the garage to keep it from his sisters. He is smart enough not to keep chocolate so as not to attract the attention of his chocoholic mother. And when all the other children of the world subcome to wailing and gnashing of teeth when there is no more candy in the world. Chase will be the king.


Sara said...

That is too funny! He is such a clever boy.

Anonymous said...

And your Dad does both (he eats everyone else's and saves his! I bet you that he has a secret place for the brown stuff that his mom doesn't know about!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

The Seaquist Family said...

That was my brother. He always had candy. Problem was I knew where he stored it! My Christian is the hoarder but we make him keep it in the kitchen. In a bag with his name on it. He is the only one with candy and LOVES to rub it in to his siblings. Which then create tears...quite the fun.

Anonymous said...

Chase, if things ever get really bad can you share just a little with me?

Grandma D

Nicole said...

Oh, if there's no chocolate, what's the point? :)

Honeycombs said...

Well I will now know where to go in case of a sugar shortage. I loved all of your new posts and the pictures you took in AZ are amazing.