Monday, December 21, 2009

Beauty School

The best place for "make-up" when it involves kids is in the bath. With three girls I have had an uphill battle fighting off the "make-up" pretend play. It is always on their Christmas lists, Birthday lists and Queen of the day lists. I have really had my work cut out for me trying to circle them around to other activities.

They finally found a way to satisfy their inner Diva's that I can work with. We have these bath crayons that I live and die by. I buy them at Pottery Barn in bulk they are so awesome. For years the girls have been content with murals on the bathtub walls. But the last few baths have led to painted faces.

You know what? I can live with that. No chance of painted faces smudging up against my couches. No crushed eye shadow in the carpet. No lips plastered with lip gloss leaving sweet little greasy kiss marks all over. I let them play and then we wash it all off. And everyone is happy!


The Seaquist Family said...

That is one of my greatest fears with having a girl. LOVE the bath. I am just impressed that they don't come out of the bathtub the color of the water. Guess I need to get some of those crayons. So cute Jen.

Anonymous said...

Just how can you improve on a masterpiece? They look so cute.
Grandma D

Nicole said...

Sounds like a good compromise.