Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Golden Egg Drama - Swiper Strikes

This was the scene that laid out before us as we waited for the kids to find the Golden Egg (very special egg with $5.00 in it). We have been hiding a golden egg for the kids every Easter for the last 8 or so years. The kids love it. And they hunt like wild animals for it.

This year we bought the kids a play structure. We didn't have time enough or good enough weather to assemble it before our Easter hunt. So I thought a great place to hide this years golden egg would be under the tarp hiding the play structure boxes. We left the slide on top of the tarp to draw the kids curiosity. Can you believe that those crazy kids were so focused on finding the egg that they never even thought to look under the tarp. They walked all around it for several minutes. Even touched the slide and never said a word...

Finally as the rain started to come down we hinted that maybe they should check over by the tarp. Chase sped over and lifted it up but didn't notice the egg. Kate who was a few feet away saw it and ran right over to it. Poor Chase realized his blunder and did an amazing, body sacrificing, award worthy swan dive in towards the site trying to swipe it away at the last minute.

I love the look on Katie's face. She had just been robbed. The look of, "did you see what just happened to me" is priceless.

Of course Chase had to relinquish his stolen treasure. What a stinker he is.


Anonymous said...

This is something Kate is going to be able to remind Chase about forever. Good going Katie!!!
Grandma D

Anonymous said...

I was a great dive.