Monday, April 12, 2010

This Last Weekend

If you are in anyway hungry for a little baby to warm your arms and heart. Do not scroll down this blog! In the past week I have gotten to hold and love two of the most handsome little boys ever! Little Baby S here was a mover and a shaker for sure. I turned to his Mom at one point and said, "did he wiggle like this in the womb?" He did not want to sleep...he wanted to go places!

One of the things I am really loving about having my own boutique photography studio for newborn photography is that I get to be with babies. I have to face it. My feisty two year is definitely no longer a baby. And I am pretty sure (there is a little wiggle room there) that I don't really want another. But babies just like kittens and puppies are irresistible. Now I don't have to miss the way they smell, there cottony soft skin and just being around there sweet innocence. I hope my clients don't mind that I fall in love with their little ones when they come to see me.

I have to enlist Dave's help in choosing the best, because I love so many. But here is Baby S, one handsome little man in the making!


Anonymous said...

I think you have found your nitch and a good one at that.

Mimi said...

YAY!!! I am so happy to have your blog address... I always get the yellow pages- and YAY! for the sweetest baby boy shots EVER! Could he get any sweeter?? :-)

Thank you so so much! It was so neat to be there in your fancy studio and see all the cute things you do with the fresh babies!

I love these pics! Thank you thank you!

Sara said...

LOVE these shots. My favorite is the closeup of his face and hands...really spectacular!!!

Nicole said...

i LOVE the blue bow!

Anonymous said...

Great job Jennifer. I am proud of you.