Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rain or Shine It's Tulip Time

I knew my Mom would love the Tulip festival. She is a budding photog herself. And there just isn't a prettier canvas than the Skagit county. We had sat through several rainy days already since she came to stay. We were all restless. So we decided rain or shine we would drive up and pray for better weather as we drove.

It did end up being a beautiful day. I was a truly horrible mother though. I loaded the kids up with movies, donuts, chocolate milk and pop tarts and made them wait in the while my Mom and I photographed the tulip fields. I let them out at Rosengarde Gardens to stretch their legs and regretted it mostly. I had just set loose four children with lots of pent up energy and a well manicured garden. Rosengarde I am sorry!

We finished off the day trying to make it up to the kids on Whidby island. You know shakes at Jack-in-the-box, and hour or so at the beach, spitting off the bridge at Deception Pass (no I don't condone the spitting...they do it anyway - I figured it's better than rocks).

This is one of my favorite pictures. I photographed him last year too. I actually asked him this year instead of just trying to get a picture as he walked by. I totally embarrased him. All the women in the field were laughing so hard. I think he is handsome...and he just happens to ALWAYS be the the one holding the cut flowers!


Sarah said...

Beautiful pics, Jen. We might try to go this weekend. We're going to the temple open house in Vancouver, so it depends on what time we are heading back home. I hope the flowers are still in full bloom!

Anonymous said...

Great shots! and I really enjoyed myself.

The Seaquist Family said...

I am SO jealous. Now that I can use my camera a little bit I want so badly to go to the tulip festival. The flowers are beautiful - due to your photos. Great job. And I love it that you kept the kids "happy!" So perfect!

Nicole said...

Way too pretty. Wouldn't you rather look at prickly cactai all day?

Melissa said...

Again with the gorgeous tulips. I want to blow up these pictures and hang them in my house. Not kidding. Jenny, your talent amazes me. What a gift!

Nicole said...

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