Monday, June 21, 2010

Karie's Smile

This is Kate's smile. Straight lips totally closed. I think you can always see timidity in her eyes, but they are always happy. (if she's smiling...if she is in the throws of a tantrum which seem to happen increasingly often these days...well don't look at her eyes, they'll turn you to stone). I hate that she hides her teeth and is so straight lipped. I always try to coax her into showing me some teeth. But then her smile is so forced it is absolutely not genuine looking at all. So I have stopped asking her - for the most part. There are rare moments when I get a totally spontaneous absolutely happy open lipped smile out of Kate. But then I am usually enjoying the moment with her too much to capture it with the camera. So for the most part most of my pictures of Kate are sure to have this reserved smile. That's who she is, sweet and contemplative.

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Anonymous said...

I love little Kate to bits,
Smile and all, she is pure beauty.
Grandma D