Thursday, June 17, 2010

We are in Utah again! School got out and we were on the road! In a mad dash to get to Utah before it gets hot and to get back to Washington before summer BLISS begins. After asking friends where we should go for some fun (we rarely explore much of Utah when we visit) I decided Park City was a must. It sounded like something the kids would love. I had hoped that there would be more places to sit and enjoy watching the kids than there were though. It is always such a hard balance to find places to satisfy my rambunctious kids and easy going enough (mostly meaning low activity) for Grandpa. I was so surprised Park City has such scant amount of seating! After looking around I came to the conclusion that the only place to sit was the chair lift. So Papo, Sara and I went on a long tram ride. (don't you love how Sara's pants are slowly slipping off her hiney!?!)

We did eventually find seats. From there Papo and I were able to watch the kids play on the trampolines, come down the alpine slides and dance and spin in the court yard.

After an hour or two we started to die. It was such a hot day, but we had to get our moneys worth. Papo treated everyone to ice cream and I treated everyone to a sunburn. Washington has spoiled me. I so rarely have to worry about sun like we did in California and should have here in Utah! By the time I thought to buy sunscreen it was too late. So much for taking good care of my Grandpa. We burnt up pretty good!

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Kate did that!!!