Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today I was absolutely manipulated by my two year old. I took the kids to Old Navy so that I could by my three oldest a summer outfit to wear to Utah. Buying clothes for Sara was not at all in the plans! That little girl has more clothes than we have hangers.

I walked with the kids around the store for 15 minutes getting more an more frustrated by the minute!They were being such BLAH shoppers. No one was finding anything that screamed awesome to them. They were all having zero interest in any of the outfits I was selecting for them. I was about to lose my mind. The girls were solely interested in playing with the hula hoops and all Chase wanted to do was look for quarters on the ground to buy bouncy balls from their quarter machine.
Then there was Sara. She was all over the place. One minute she was a t a table oohing and awing over a shirt. Then she was pulling clothes of the racks and running to plead for them. She had accessories picked out and and was wearing half of the stuff she was finding. She was totally cracking me up! I had to take some pictures (unfortunately with my IPhone). We walked out of the store with nothing for the girls, a pair of shorts for Chase and a whole bag full of clothes (that we didn't need) for Sara. I would say my little two year old has definitely learned how to work the system!

I love my little passionate shopper!!!

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Anonymous said...

She is completely adorable!