Sunday, August 15, 2010


Katie wanted me to take her to target on Saturday. Money was burning a hole in her pocket! She came down with 10 Mexican bills. I told her Mexican money wouldn't work. We had a little discussion about how she needed American money, the whole time she is swinging her arms and rolling her eyes around in her head barely keeping it together. I sent her upstairs to bring down the right kind of money. A few minutes later she comes sulking down the stairs in near hysterics (which Kate is getting really good at) because all she has is Mexican money and "Washington" money.

I knew she wouldn't understand but I couldn't stop myself from a few hysterical laughs at her expense before trying to explain. I still don't think she understands...


Nicole said...

Poor Katie- you could have driven down passed me to spend those Mexicain "dollars."

Familia Bethers said...

Don't you just LOVE trying to explain things sometiems to your kids? Especially when they are little? I love this post :)

I have finally started to blog again! Miracle, right?

RuSty and LaLa said...

Money is somewhat tricky! I wish Washington would just get on board with would be easier, at least for kate.

Bjorna said...

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