Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our Island In The Sun

Well is it too much to WISH that it was "our" island. If I were to ever win a bunch of money, buying a house on Anderson Island along this lake would be top on the priority list. Everything about it is perfect. It is a little lake surrounded by beautiful homes on a quaint island a short ferry ride away from the mainland. It is the easy vacation to plan. We throw some swim stuff in the car, drive onto a giant boat and then within minutes we are in another place, far from home enjoying the good old life. I love that the water is warm enough to swim in (even for me and that's saying something). I really love that there is a shallow section surrounded by boardwalk and equipped with a slide and and a sandy beach for the little kids. And then to make it even better they have platforms and rigging out in the lake for big kids. There isn't a lot of motor sport going on to add noise and chaos either. We bring the dutch oven, start up some ribs, play games at the picnic table...maybe a game of Bocci and enjoy the summer sun. It is perfect. I short write real estate adds for Anderson Island homes. Seriously I love this place. I think we went three times this summer. I get great pleasure in bringing friends who are then dumbstruck that such a wonderful place is so close to home. It's destinations like this that make me LOVE my state!!!
This time we had friends with kayaks with us. I must get my hands on a pair of kayaks! They are the bomb. I thought canoes were awesome. Kayaks are lighter and easier to handle. I think we will have to add some to our already too full garage soon. The kids had a blast playing pirates boys against girls.
For a moment today reminded me of my beach going days with girlfriends in California. The company was awesome. Our kids were in heaven. Except there weren't any crowds!


Sara said...

Makes me miss those warm Washington summer days. And of course makes me miss you. Can't wait to see more posts!

Anonymous said...

Nice place to visit, but it's hard on Grandma knees.
They all look so happy. You should rename it HappyPlace Island.

sallie said...

Oh my-it looks like a magical place for childhood to make happy memories-everybody needs an Anderson Island! You'll have to take the McArthur family the next trip out!

Nicole said...

Oh- it sounds like a really fun place. You do need some kayaks.