Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Exotic Creams

My girls are taking a bath. The "mommy" chore I hate the most. But a bath was necessary. Both Sara and Kate played outside all day today. Sara has what Dad calls, "Walmart" feet. And Kate has a peculiar odor about her. She spent her entire afternoon making exotic creams.
First she harvested flower petals. It is a good thing we have tons of flowers in our yard. I am amazed that the poor plants are somehow keeping up with their flower productivity in spite of all three girls (and all their friends) constantly picking. I just went out side to see what Kate has been up to all this time and stumbled upon her
little manufacturing plant. In one bowl she has her harvested flower petals. In another bowl some sawdust. I noticed her coming in the house several times to collect her "secret ingredient", my spray foam soap from Bath and Body. So with those three key ingredients...whala...EXOCTIC CREAMS!
I love her presentation. How cute is that, presenting her creams on a half shell.
I didn't say a word at all today about it to her. I bit my tongue several times when she came in through my master bedroom sliding door (a major no no) to collect soap.
I bit my tongue as I looked out the window and countless times saw her picking flowers (another no no...but I'm losing this battle - next ye
ar they will have their own cutting garden). I bit my lip as several of my bowls found there way into the yard and out of the comforts and protection of my kitchen (another no no). And I haven't said a word about all the sawdust covering the garage floor (another no no). I watched her playing creatively and peacefully all by herself and thought to myself let it go. I am proud of myself. Today I tried to be more like a dear friend of mine who is always letting her kids create and experiment.

So what do I have to show for it?

-some potent smelling "exotic creams"
-a load of laundry
-a bit of sweeping
-a daughter with a well exercised imagination
-and a really happy little girl who for the first time in weeks hasn't screamed about anything all day long


Julie said...

That is such a cute & sweet story- and there's something for me to learn from it, also! It's not so easy to let them explore and imagine at the expense of your stuff. So much easier to say, "NO! Your ruining my things! Your making a mess!!"
You should be proud of yourself; you're such a good mom. Thanks for sharing this.

Andrea said...

Kate, you are awesome! I would like some exotic creams please. My skin could really use it!Jenny, you were so good to keep quiet. I know for me that is hard to do but I just love when they are being creative.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely story about my sensitive granddaughter. I am glad we put up with "our" next generation, so that we could enjoy watching and seeing our grandchildren grow.
Tucson Grandpa.

Nicole said...

Ha- I love it!

Mimi said...

Sign me up! I could use some exotic creams!

So cute!

RuSty and LaLa said...

No screaming all day...priceless!

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

Genius! That is an awesome imagination she has! I think those creams are at the very least very beautiful to look at. Love the red and orange.